Rescue Journal

czar was euthanized this morning...

Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2012

his post-mortum showed his hip was badly bruised but not broken but his pelvic pubis bone was shattered. czar was not going to be able to come back from that.
he died surrounded in body and spirit by those who loved him.
rest in peace czar, you will be so greatly missed.

i will write more about this later, right now i am just too drained out.

quick updates
peluchi is home from the vets, he was seizuring this morning..the vet drew some blood but thinks it is vestibular disease. he will need to be hand fed for now and should stay in my room.

olivers blood sugars are still a bit high,,22 today. the vet wonders if maybe something else is going on like a hyperthyroid..we will see what his blood work says.



hi donna..gideon is ok. we upped his pain meds to see him thru any extra soreness or stiffness for a few days. he felt well enough yesterday to a couple of times give us the proverbial finger when we were trying to put him into the barn.

that ancient, frail, and stubborn old horse has a very strong mind and most definite opinions of his own.

janet nicholson

Oh Carol I am so sorry. My heart breaks for all of you, Czar's family.

Wendy Scott

Heartbreaking news. I know he was surrounded by love and caring . Take care Carol.


Just came home and read the heartbreaking news. I was so hoping it would be nothing serious, and Czar would bounce back. Rest in peace, beautiful boy.

Bunny Horne

Sad news. He had a great home at SAINTS. He will be missed. RIP Czar.


I'm so sorry Carol - Czar is in a special happy and safe place with the rest of the SAINTS, who all look down on you with thanks.