Rescue Journal

i am chuckling at myself...

Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2012

have i ever taken in a dog that i did not on day one wax glowingly on how utterly sweet they were?

were not odie, mya and the giant boob once briefly newly arrived sweethearts?

i think they were.

halo is sound asleep on the karunda next to my bed. is she still a sweet thing?...well yes she is.


i have seen the barely perceptible black smudge on her tongue.

yikes...someone has a bit of chow hidden deep. every single old female black lab/chow i have taken in has been a wee bit of a bitch.

so tonight i am laughing at myself cuz maybe, just maybe by tomorrow or the next day, i won't be thinking halo is all that sweet.

i guess we will see.

the good news is as odie, mya and the big booboob can will not matter if this sweetness turns a bit sour because she is already safely here.

but why oh why do i have to immediately really like every single animal i meet??

trust me..some of the little bastards really ain't all that sweet.... underneath.



well i had an ikeda chow mix that was for the most part totally sweet. he was one of my favorite dogs but he could turn on another dog at the drop of a hat. did not do it too often but because he was so big if he wanted to he could do real damage. since i have not had him, god rest his soul, all my other dogs are much calmer. but he did not have any black on his tongue. his previous owner told me of his mix. did not look like a chow or an ikeda, more like a fluffy newfie. how strange.


My lab mix has a few black spots on her tongue, i was worried at first too LOL but honestly, she is the sweetest most loyal lovely dog i have ever had the joy of sharing my life with. Hope Halo is the same for you!!!


Black spots on Max's tongue, too. They don't come any sweeter than our Max. Don't worry about the black smudges. :-)


Black spots on dogs are not always an indication of chow in the mix. Even a lab can a black spot on the tongue. I think it is some kind of gene throw back/anomoly thing. So Halo can have a black smudge and not have any chow in her at all.


Not to worry. My Shepherd/Retriever mix had black spots on her tongue and she was the sweetest dog ever. And she loved everyone and every dog she met.