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Carol  ·  Dec. 11, 2012

there are a grand total of 5,674 posts on this blog. the vast majority are mine. it occurs to me that if i actually ever went back and read them all again..i might well be horrified at what i find. i wonder how many mini and maxi meltdowns there many times was my head way up my own many holier (or stupider) than thou's are there? how many times have i been an utter fool?

this is the problem with blogging...there are very many moments in my life on here..way more than just a few. and quite few of them are when my screws are coming loose.

whatever. if i am the sum of all of the posts on here...then i am the sum of 5.674 moments in time. but... in 54 years i have had many more moments than that in my life. in any case..i have been thinking a lot this past week about many things.

one of them was about rescue and me.

do you know why hard core marathoner's will run for god knows how many miles and hours..up hills, down hills and out in the pissing, freezing cold rain? it is because they are 100% committed to what they are doing.
i wouldn't run a single freaking mile for any kind of reason.....i. do. not. run.

so how does that relate to rescue? well... i can and will and do tackle both hills and valleys, even scary cliffs plus the occasional things that routinely piss rain down on me too. i do it because like a marathoner i am 100% committed to what i do. only in my happens to be... i am committed to rescue.

i have invested far too much time and energy in trying to justify what i do. i want people to like me..i want people to respect me...i pretty much want everyone to like what i do.

good luck!

i have been nursing for more than 20 years..i have the training, the education, the knowledge, the experience and our professionl standards of practice to do my job pretty damn well. i no longer need to prove myself...i know i am a very competent nurse.

but somehow i have never quite reached the same level of confidence in my rescue self. oh wait ...that's not true....i actually do know that i am a more than competent rescuer. i just worry if everyone else knows it. and why do i care?

the rescue world is full of all kinds of people with all kinds of opinions and beliefs. my job is not to try to get everyone to agree with or like job is to use my knowledge, my experience, my own standards of practice and ensure saints continues to meet a high standard of animal care.

i am going to work on letting go of the personal stuff, on shutting the door on needing universal personal approval. this is so not about absolutely has to be about the animals in our care.
i have no time or tears left to waste about me..i need those for them.

if i do this right..if i do this with the 100% focused committment on only the needs of animals here..i may be liked less...but..i might do a better job.

brit's blood work is back..maybe pancreatitis..maybe cushings. she goes back in on friday for more testing. halo's bloodwork wasn't too horrible..some anemia, low platelets and a few other things..all expected because of her bleeding so that was kind of good news.
we need to make appointments for tess for a pelvic check...and marj...her tumor is breaking down, plus oliver needs a recheck. the vets are coming to see clara again and maybe do an ultrasound.
both hay and shavings are being delivered to the barn tomorrow so we should be good right thru the holidays.

new dog eventually coming from nelson spca..shep is a 15 yr old incontinent BC with poor vision whose senior owner passed away...not sure how or when he will get here but i will let you know.


Sherry Lynn

Thank you SO much for agreeing to take Shep. It was breaking my heart to imagine him spending the rest of his days in our shelter. We do our best to make him comfortable and happy, but it is not a substitute for being part of a home. He is a sweet boy and has been through a lot in the last little while and he deserves so much more than we can give him here.

I know that you will love him and that he will love being with you. Let's hope we can find a way to get him over to you soon.

Thank you for all that you do for these loyal animals who have given so much in their lives and now need more than most mortal people are prepared to give. You are a hero to many animals and hundreds of people (myself included).


I've often thought the same thing, Mo - the loafing shed would be perfect for a real-live animal nativity scene!


I also have some sheets that my massage therapist gave me yesteday. Will drop them off next time I am there.


Every winter when it snows I visualize(sp?) a nativity scene under the loafing shed in the big field.. I picture Christmas lights lit up all around it.. a light dusting of snow on the ground..inside this year there will be Ziggy, Annie, Elizabeth, Carl, Gideon, Ellie-Mae,Joy, Emily, Ray,Flicka, Clara, Doc, Chewy and Gilbert.... one winter day I will decorate it.....Peace on Earth & goodwill to all animals.

Ann C

Shelagh - did you get the invite to the christmas party? If not please e-mail me and I'll send it to you when I get home tonight. If I have missed anyone else please do the same, thanks


thx shelagh and helga!
it is a lovely idea bridget..i remember thinking a few years ago about a hand carved totem pole with all of our animal species carved in it.


Carol... this is going to sound NUTS.... and having one thought a year, i thought i might as well share it.

you know how Francis of Assisi made animals popular in the church.

well, why not have someone commission a SAINTs nativity sculpture? without the biblical figures, and just the animals?

i'm not religious, which is why i don't think the addition of joseph, mary and the child is necessary, but i do love the idea of a little wooden barn, with carved wooden animals, all together. they don't have to be portraits of particular animals- say, one or two of each.
i got this idea when i was visiting Ten Thousand Villages, and seeing so many charmingly, beautifully carved nativity scenes. the animals, of course, i LOVED the best, and it made me think of SAINTs. they were carved out of all sorts of materials, too (different kinds of stone and wood, different sizes).

it could be a christmas decoration for somewhere, encased in plastic or glass to keep from losing the pieces- OR it could be made into a wall ornament, put up just for christmas.

i know, it's a lot of work, and it's so late in the year- but maybe it could be something for next year by an artisan?


I picked up a couple of big bags of blankets courtesy of Abstract Glass. Will bring them along on the weekend.

shelagh f

thought I better drop a line here to say I will be
out Thursday with food and apples.


oh well and another pair bite the dust. i am however still hanging in there with channel changer #18...same one for a couple of months now..yay!


to whoever brought the goodies out last week and left them in the shop for the staff...THANK-YOU! i know i ate more than my share of them. also, carol, i forgot to mention, i found one of your slippers (well, about half of it) late last week, and got around to tossing the other one out yest, so dont spend any time looking for them, they arent there. (istead of secret santa at the christmas party maybe we should all buy carol a pair then maybe she ll get thru the frickin year!)size 8 right?