Rescue Journal

man i freaking hate 5am in the morning.

Carol  ·  Dec. 11, 2012

i so did not want to crawl out of bed.

but speaking of beds...when i went to sleep last night, halo was asleep on the karunda next to my bed. she has sort of chosen that as her special night spot. this pisses smokey and ewok off cuz they like to sleep there together too. occasionally i see one or the other curled up on it with her but three can't fit. this morning smokey had the bed to himself and ewok was on thefloor sleeping in front of him. and where was miss halo? well she was happily asleep in the playpen. bet she never got to sleep in one of those before!

so last night it wasn't so much about rescue sucking, it was more about me actually sucking. after i finished my crying fest, i booted around here quickly to do all of the meds. then i posted the poor me pathetic post. finally headed off for a crappy luke warm bath...where the hell was the hot water cuz no one had been running any for hours??? next it was thank god time for bed so i could put the day way behind and who do i find sitting patiently and waiting on my dresser?
daphne who i stuck up there with her food/meds 2 hours before.
OMG! i am so freaking sorry...i scooped her up and aplogized for the next half an hour. so sorry daph..i totally suck, poor babe.

i miss watching czar thru the cameras...he made me smile the way that he slept..full out flat up against the wall. and when he periodically got up again..he sat on his butt for a minute or two, like a big sleepy dog. dixie is in that stall now..i had her moved right after his death. she has had three previous past colics and she is far safer under the cameras where i can keep an eye on her.
still i miss watching the big sleeping goof.

four more days on my count will suck because work asked me to work a few overtime hours..lots of staff off sick. my plan is to work my ass off really organized, efficient and quick..maybe if all goes well, i can do the extra workload inside of my regular shift. hope floats.

oh shit i better get moving, it is almost 6!



hi laura...that email goes to nicole.but if it is a younger cat, it should probably go to one of the regular cat rescues or the spca..better chance of eventual adoption.


Hi Carol,

I have sent you a private email on your one. It's regarding a homeless cat that I am worried about and am wondering if you would be able to take it in.


i think i need to go back to mexico. i have come down with a doozy of a cold. probaly all this crappy weather. shit. i want to rip my nose right off my face.


i can not doe tomorrow but are you guys short on thurs and fri could do the mornings. let me know.


I agree with Penny....You need to do that every once in a while.
Also, we are closed over Christmas and New Years starting on the 23, so I will be available most days if and when you need me! Just yell!


I think you deserved a good crying fest, Carol. Look how many beloved animals have passed away recently.