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i got up on time today...yay!

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2012

smoke was up once that i know of last night..right now he is sleeping again. i think he is ok, just tuckered out.

benny had me up a couple of times..he is having trouble holding it at night and is asking to go out more than he used to. btween him and me and how many times we both have to pee..i was up a lot.
i have been keeping a to-do list of what has to be done between now and the first week in jan. i have these days off starting this weekend, and then another long stretch with only xmas day off until jan. 4 so i absolutely have to get this stuff done. i have booked a week off early in jan. so i can really catch my breath again then.

this is such a busy time of the year and i still haven't done any shopping for my family yet...i really better get on that pretty quick too.

in any case i am not going to stress or fret, i am just going to single mindedly stick to my list til i get it all is why i made the list in the first place, to make sure i do.

everyone is nicely settled this morning except for morgan..she is up and down, here and there, in and out everywhere. this tho is normal for her, she is a busy cat. she has come a very long way from that terrified sketchy girl who arrived here several years ago.

jerry is really starting to show his age..he is cruising darn close to 18 now. he can no longer get up the bed steps in the dark any more..his vision is getting really poor. i am trying to get into the habit of finding him again when i have been up. he needs lifting up on the bed again and gets frantic since he can't get up there himself. i tell him to stay put and i will be right back again, but he never listens to me. if i am up then he has to be up too...that is just the way that jerry thinks. some nights when i am up several times i feel badly for disturbing his sleep...he is really old and he needs his rest...but jerry thinks he absolutely has to get up with is what loyal poodles do...(even the cranky pain in the asses!)

big sigh..better get moving and tackle day 16...almost done with this very long stretch and can move on to other stuff.


another Doreen

Heidi, I've gone to Dr Hofs at Central Vet Clinic for years, but I don't know if he's taking new patients.
I've been to Dr Mann at Menzies Pet Hospital, and he is good but likes to do lots of tests. Dr Hofs seems to me to be more the Country vet who diagnoses most things by what he sees and his experience.
I've heard good things from several different people about the vet at Petcetera - Dr M... something.

heidi wagner

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let Carol know I am moving again...strata and animals do not work...I am moving to a house in Chilliwack (a rental and a rancher)that will be easier to manage Trev in. Trev is doing awesome...he loves his stroller and can crawl around on the floor pretty quick...he is such a trooper...Anyone know any vets in Chilliwack??

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and New Year.


And Petsmart has Friskies canned food on sale , 20 cans for $10.00 ..... Any kind . I bought some for Saints


I bought about 3 dozen for holiday use for the house kids seeing as I don't have anyone to buy for at home....yet :=)


Thanks Curt. I saw they had rolled back the regular price to .55 a couple of weeks ago. Will go and stock up!

Carol Ann

Thanks Curt your info is very helpful since I rarely go shopping or check flyers. :)


For all the cat owners / lovers. Wallmart has Friskies regular cans of patte on sale for 48 cents a tin

shelagh f

Oops, I forgot to go back and clean out the sink in
the shop after doing the dishes. Left a bit of a
mess I'm sure. Tried draining it slowly so all the
junk wouldn't go down the drain. Thought I would go
back and clean up after it drained, but forgot.
Sorry whoever cleans it up. Can't
multitask like I used to


I think I may've met a Jelly dog relative.He lives out in Scowlitz and looks just like her! Sorry just had to share here :)