Rescue Journal

today we lost mango.

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2012

the vet found a very large tumor on his kidney. this explained his sudden drop in kidney function a couple of weeks ago and why he hasn't really bounced back with fluids and antibiotics. the tumor grew very quickly, it must have been an aggressive one.
the fruitloop trio came in as half grown feral kittens 10 years took a long time to tame them. today as he died, mango curled into my chest and laid his chin across my arm. he was purring. i am so sad that he won't be popping out of cupboards any more, or sitting in the sink to have a fresh drink. i will miss him helping me feed everyone at night and always stealing his very own special treat.

just like his brothers, mango was always a very sweet cat...i have so many memories as i watched them grow. i thought they would all be here together for many more years...saints is empty of a much loved friend tonight.

rest in peace sweet boy.


(the fruitloops and their friend hickory as babies)



I didn't realize all three were there as it is hard to tell because they all look alike


My time spent in the house, although not a lot, was always memorable when it came to him. Helping himself to water and everyone's food made my days there so much fun. I will miss you handsome boy. RIP Mango


Awww Carol so sorry about Mango, he was a great boy! Always helpful doing the dishes, making sure the water temp was just right & happy to test all the food at feeding time making sure that everyone got the same amount. I will never forget the first time he jumped out of the cupboard to greet me when I arrived. RIP Mango, I will truly miss you.


When did the last fruitloop pass away (I thought there were two still there)?