Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 15, 2012

bru (foster) to the vets with jenn for bloody diarrhea.
chilko (foster) was rushed in by janice for both vomitting and diarrhea.
haven't heard from the vet on either one yet.

tess and brit were both tested for cushings yesterday..those results should be back early next week.

marj's cancerous tumor is also growing, it is open now. the vet said we are to watch her for infection, pain or any kind of respiratory distress because it may quickly spread into her lungs.

raven had what looked like a seizure this said he was standing still, then went rigid, he fell into the gate (bent it) and then fell to the ground. he recovered quickly. i called the vet and i am to watch him closely and if there are no reoccurences, they will come out on monday to check him over and draw blood. if he has any more episodes i am to call and they will come out sooner.

smokey is deteriorating, i think hs cancer is progressing again..he is starting to get quite frail and weak. it is probably getting close to the end for him now. i will be watching him closely too for when he says it is time to go.

our little pale classy chick is getting pecked by the others. we might have to move her out tomorrow..watching her too.
when i was in checking on her i had a good look at nugget...and slam my freaking head into the wall over and over and over..nugget has fully grown up into..... a giant freaking rooster.
we will have to do some quick switch arounds before nugget or jerome actually figure it out.

it is snowing here today.

saints is boggling my brain yet again.


Carol Ann

lots of bad news yuk. but the comment about nugget and jerome made me laugh. Hope everyone is ok and poor smokey it has not been good for him lately. such a sweet boy. and raven that's a shock. Good news everyone here is fine, gonna send positive thoughts your way.