Rescue Journal

i am so sorry to report that wilma was euthanized late today.

Carol  ·  Dec. 18, 2012


i am having a hard time wrapping my head around this.
it is smokey who is reaching the end of his road..smokey who needed help to stay up on his feet to get in to the was smokey i thought i might be told had reached his last day.

but it was wilma with her 24 hour upset stomach and diarrhea who i thought would just need some meds to get her right again who had something bigger hiding inside. we found a nasty tumor during her exam. xrays then found a pleural effusion (fluid surrounding her lungs)...the cancer had already spread. the vet said we could try to treat the GI upset but in a couple of days she going to feel like she was drowning and be unable to breathe. by late afternoon she was sound asleep and snoring with a good dose of torb in her..she did not even wake up as she passed away. i am glad that we found this strictly by accident before she had begun to suffer but i am so sorry to have lost her without really saying good bye.

rest in peace wilma. you were every single moment, filled with a beautiful grace.

i want to thank all saints staff and volunteers..esp. her primary staff and volunteer caregivers..laura, brianne, shawn, jenn, derek, ashley, christine, michelle and esp. her mon-fri caregiver dionne for the love and wonderful care they have given to her. i will forever see wilma comfortably stretched out on the couch.... clean, content and comfortable..her every need had been met. thank you guys for a job well done..wilma was well cared for and loved while she was here.

(i did try to call zoe but the number i have is no longer in service..if anyone has a more recent contact number for her..please let her know. thx.)



I have not been on the blog lately.. this is such sad news she was such a sweetheart. Rip our lovely girl.. i will miss our morning pats..

Carol Ann

Sweet Wilma, she was the best Lab ever. It is comforting to know she was loved and well cared for since she came to Saints. RIP most beautiful lady.


She was a true doll & I will miss visiting her after barn chores. Rest softly good dog .


For one who had been thru so much, she easily showed us what love was. RIP Wilma you were a true lady.


Yeah, Wilma (Sugar) was as sweet as they come. So gentle and loving. I will miss her too. Really sorry to hear this news, but glad that she passed peacefully.


It only took one visit to SAINTS for my 5 year old daughter to fall in love with Wilma, that was the power of her gentle, quiet, sweetness. xo always


Wilma, or Sugar as I know her, will be missed. I'll miss seeing her laying on the sofa and her beautiful soft hair. RIP Wilma


A gracious dog like Wilma can teach us humans so much for even when one has been through so much, she still found love to give. Your serenity and your kind soul will never be forgotten Wilma. RIP beautiful girl.

shelagh f

Wilma was just a big soft marshmellow, so sweet.
She will be missed. Pepper will miss cuddling up
beside her on the couch


So sad - such a lovely girl. At least she didn't suffer. Rest peacefully, sweetheart.