Rescue Journal

we live in a world where we have so little control.

Carol  ·  Dec. 18, 2012

a world where horror upon horror is seems like no one is safe. the most vulnerable and innocent are often the victims...animals, children, the elderly, the peaceful non combatants..the weak.

this is a global issue..where violence, devastation and destruction are led by a souless become the solution.

but it is a solution to what?

how do pain and do rivers of blood.... heal anything or anyone?

however...we do have some power..we do have some control. we can make personal choices to live in a more compassionate and honorable world. every day opportunities arise for us to inject some kindness, some caring, some respect into this world.
it doesn't have to be huge, or earth shattering notable..
it just has to be real.

we need to fill our souls with kindness, with patience, and an appreciation for the gift of life all around us. we need to let go of our own demons.... frustrations, envys, angers, fears, hopeless and helplessness and be grateful the life we have been given.

maybe it isn't perfect and maybe we need to work hard to build something better..but destruction won't help us get there....rage just moves it further away.

i believe in the world that i want to live in...i see it nurtured with kindness and caring...i see it protected by respect and honor and i feel it sustained from within by simple responsible living.
i do feel the safe warmth of joy we are capable of sharing.

maybe one day, the angry and broken will feel it too.

the light of hope floats for all who dwell here.


Sherry Lynn

Sometimes it's the smallest things that can make a difference in someone else's life. Something as simple as a smile at a stranger who is having a shitty day can change the way they see the world that day.

It is easier when you work with animals, though. They appreciate every pet, scratch, rub, and treat. It is so easy to make them happy.

I took Shep (the 16 year old border collie from Nelson) to the pet store today and bought him a pig's ear (which he picked out of the basket himself - biggest one in there). He was so happy and proud on his walk back to the shelter. It warmed my heart to see him so full of himself.

I hope we can find him transport soon.


I have been thinking all morning about your blog post. The tragedy is that world wide peace, empathy and happiness is within reach for everyone. Imagine a world where everyone actively cared about and cherished their personal sphere of influence, by that I mean everyone in their family and circle of friends both personal and at work, neighbours and acquaintances.
The simple thing is all our circles would intersect all around the world; just imagine a map of millions of intersecting circles representing love. So much love that it would drown out people of ill will.
It has to start somewhere so why not right here, right now.


Well said, and it's so important to communicate. You're right, the good people and events are rarely as newsworthy but, as you and others like you prove, they're out there.
At first I thought what's the point in having Christmas amidst all the horrendous news. But that is the point - to show our kindness and compassion towards each other, family, friends and strangers. To emphasize it now more than ever.

There's an interesting video on called The Comfort of Warm Hearts, Cold Noses.
(I hope that works)
It's about an organization from Illinois that brought a group of comfort dogs to Connecticut.
Animals have amazing healing powers (as we all know). They make the world a better place.

Lori Paul

I support Saints and read your blog because I need to know that people like you and your many lovely volunteers are there caring for animals who have fallen through the cracks. Reading about how you are helping these beautiful, old pets reassures me that, while the news confirms that the world is going to hell, there are still good people everywhere, working away quietly and without mention. I thank you all for everything you do on behalf of those who cannot do for themselves. You are all heroes to me!


Well said, Carol. I like to believe that there is more love, compassion, selflessness and nurturing in the world than violence and destruction. Most times, that isn't newsworthy so we don't hear much about it. There are so many courageous, caring people around who are trying to make the world a better place.