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Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2012

oliver is staying at the vets until the end of the week. if we cannot get his bloodugars down, then it probably means he is insulin resistent. if this is the case, we will have to euthanize, the diabetes is wearing him too far down.
chloe is staying in too, but only because the clinic was closed for their staff xmas lunch when i wanted to come home to try to beat the winter road issues. they said it was ok if i pick her up tomorrow.

BOTH britney and tess have cushings....double damn. in discussion with the vet...we have decided not to attempt their induction to the meds until i am off for that week in early january...they need to be watched really closely during the induction phase so i need to be around.

chilko went home today..yay.

smokey's bloodwork is back...not good. looks like he is starting the big downward slide. the vet said he is reaching the point of really not feeling well. i will be looking at helping him to pass before the vets are closed for xmas...i just can't risk him suffering a major crises without any of our vets around. i hate strange vets doing our euthanizations..i am pretty specific on how i think it should be done. anyway..i don't want to think any more about this right makes me sad...smokey is such a wonderfully sweet and gentle dog.

winter wonderland this ain't. janice couldn't get in today..lex and renee had to leave early cuz the roads are crap. i came home early so i could get up the hill and feed the barn guys dinner before it got too dark.
oh and...i lost control of my car going down the hill and that scared the shit out of me first thing this morning.
sucks to live on snow mountain.

i think we have close to a foot of snow up here and all i can nicely say about it's pretty.



Yes And Yes. Oliver should be on the site (he looks like Charlie Chaplin). Actually, I just checked he is there and Chloe is fairly new


Is Oliver in the main house ? And Chloe ? Are they both cats? With the website not up to date, I am not sure which ones they are..

Sorry to here Smokey is not doing well at all. He is a sweetie and so beautiful


Let me know if Oliver is going to be euthanized before Sunday. I would like to spend some time with him if that is O.K before he goes