Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2012

smokey had bloodwork..we are looking to try to find out if it is his cancer progressing that is making him weak or possibly the potassium bromide...if his K+ level is too high, it could explain his ataxia.

still waiting on tess's and britneys cushings results.

chilko has turned a corner..she started eating and drinking and is now off of her IV's.

chloe had her spay yesterday...good thing, she has hydrameatrea (sp?i am too lazy to look it up.) her entire uterus was swollen and fluid filled, and her ovaries were polycystic..poor cat felt like she was pregnant for gawd knows how long...she should feel better now. i should have been on this sooner. we are also waiting for her bloodwork to come back..hope everything else is well. her lesion is most like hormone induced so that should clear up on its own now. note to myself..just because they are old, does not mean i can procrastinate over finding out if they are spayed.

odie had a bout of diarrhea yesterday morning too and wouldn't eat so i had to hold his insulin. he was better later in the morning so erin was able to feed him and poke him then. he wasn't too happy about poking at that particular moment and tried to bite her but missed. apparently i am the only one allowed to poke him without possibly getting poked by a tooth in return.

i think maybe we should watch the dog treats right now...seems like there are a few extra sensitive stomachs. mo and ko...maybe switch to peanut butter/jelly sandwiches instead of tuna?
i know they don't get much but it is the only commonality i can think of between the two buildings...anyway, the switch can't hurt.

oliver goes in for his recheck today.

both joey and jazzy have homes interested in possible adoption. joey is a bit of an issue because of peluchi. but quite frankly as peluchi grows ancient and more and more stuck to my bed..joey spends less and less time with him. for the right home i might be willing to consider splitting them.

i think that is all of the updates.



yay! thx ryan...lexi will need help out in the barn. make sure you fill in a time sheet!

Carol Ann

I'm sure you all know that treats from China have been killing dogs for a while now or making them very sick. Just thought I'd mention that just in case .


Beat me to it Barb, I was just going to post that (had to get ahead of Penny, but you can hold that honor).

Barb H

On a happy note, Turtle Gardens won the Shelter Challenge, I am sure helped by all the SAINTS votes. Thanks


Unfortunatley Odie did not get any Tuna fish sandwich ... so no commonalitly there.. hope this isn't something coming through.


Okay so i am old and scared to drive in the snow.. being old counts right?? Can anyone please help Lexy at the barn today??


actually, odie did bite me yest, but not when i poked him. at the end of the day when i tried to look at his teeth cause renee gave him a treat and he was eating it funny(if that makes sense). i guess its the same in all species, first in line in the looks department, end of the line in friendly disposition :)