Rescue Journal

smokey passed very peacefully today.

Carol  ·  Dec. 21, 2012

he had a cheeseburger on the way to the clinic and the second one in the clinic. he had his last bite as the needle slipped in.

i thought i had no tears left, but i still had some for smokey. he looked right into my eyes as he passed. i don't know what that means, if anything. but i felt him slip away.

i love you smoke, you were a very great dog.


Vivian lizee

I am sure Diane and Wendy will miss him more, Their hearts were broken as they were viciously riped from Bobs home and treated with no respect by the rest of the family. I hope they realize the pain and suffering Wendy and Diane still feel from that day. Iknow he is with Bob. I know they both smile down and thank Wendy and Diane That they were rescued .


Thank you so much to all the SAINTS staff for all the care and loving to my father's sweet Smokey. His eyes were just so beautiful and communicative. He was such a loving animal and the love he shared with my Dad was truly wonderful.


and carol, you will always have tears for each and everyone of your babies they will never dry up and you would not want them to. anyways merry christmas from me and bambi.


i also suspect he was saying thankyou carol for loving me so much and i am okay. i need to go now and just remember khow much we loved each other. he was a very good dog, quiet, unobtrusive, just smokey. yes, sweet dreams your prescence in the bedroom will be missed.

Carol Ann

Smokey was the sweetest most gentle soul. It was love at first sight with him. RIP dear boy.


I suspect he was saying "Thanks Carol." And he was talking about more than the cheeseburgers!


Bunny Horne

If I was lucky enough to have a dog I would want him to be like you. You will be missed greatly. May your spirit soar. RIP Sweet Doggie.


Smokey you were such a gentle soul. RIP knowing we will take good care of Ewok for you


Good night Smokey, sweet dreams you were much loved by all of us and a great doggy, everyone will miss you.


hi janette...i am so looks like the barn is now covered for sunday so i don't think you need to drive all the way here from chilliwack..we should be good. thx so much for offering..i did think we were totally screwed but apparently i misunderstood.

Janette Korabo

I was lucky enough to give Smokey a kiss yesterday and say goodbye to him. I loved him, too.
Carol, do you still need me to help out on Sunday and if so what time do we start?


Sorry to you Carol, to Wendy Scott and to everyone who loved that sweet dog. He will be greatly missed.