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new sweetheart in...

Carol  ·  Dec. 24, 2012

she is the leaking senior from surrey AC...they have named her amber. i think she may be a rotti/aussi mix but what the heck do i know? she is a 10ish, tail-less, black and tan, boxy, mid sized thing....super sweet dog.
amber is currently only introduced to my bedroom dogs..i was too tired and she was too stressed to introduce her to the sunroom guys (those guys are all super snoopy butt sniffing freaks!)..i will get to that tonight.

joey has gone off on his adoption trial...i think he will be fine. super nice, young, active and very dog savy guess is joey is going to have a blast being part of their family, and he is going to be so very well loved.

he is another great presence i am room feels empty with both joey and smokey so recently gone.

i must be losing my mind..first thing this morning i let odie outside. i went back three times to let him in and he was no where in sight. i finally went out to look for him cuz maybe the gate had blown open during the night..nope..the gate was safely closed so where the heck was he???
i came back in to grab my boots so i could trudge round the corner thru slush and snow and there was odie laying on his bed in the kitchen.

huh? i don't get it...when did you come in and how did i miss it? i hate this kind of i am totally out to lunch shit. maybe its not me? maybe odie has invisibility magic and can slip past me unseen? or maybe it is becoming the blind leading the blind.

well just today to get thru, then one day off tomorrow..not that tomorrow will be all that restful...xmas is such a busy-bee day for all of us.

anyway...welcome amber...hope you are ok with spending your first xmas at saints. i am happy you are here.



hi sherry doesn't really matter if he isn't done when he gets here, we will get him done asap. we do them all unless they are at deaths door.

hi wendy...ewok is doing ok...she was sleeping with halo today.

Sherry Lynn

Speaking of leaking seniors.....

Shep is still at the Nelson SPCA waiting for transport and I am thinking of bringing him to you myself. I do want to wait until the roads get a little better, though. Perhaps in early January.

However, I just watched the SAINTS video on youtube (fantastic video, by the way - Cole was fantastic), and cringed at the spay and neuter part. Shep is not neutered. Perhaps I should have a chat with the shelter manager about having that done before I bring him? I believe he is back from holidays at the beginning of January.

Please let me know if it is essential that Shep is neutered and if there is a better time than others in January for us to bring him to you.

Thanks so much and I am so sorry to hear about all your losses and difficulties lately. I don't know how you do it.

Sherry Lynn

wendy scott

Hi Carol,
I was wondering how Ewoky is doing? I hope she has some bed buddies as Smokey and her were inseperable for so long.