Rescue Journal

merry christmas..hope everyone has a great day!

Carol  ·  Dec. 25, 2012

not sure why i have been awake since 4:30 but sadly i have been. i decided to give up the hope of ever falling back to sleep so i hauled my ass outta bed. maybe it is because it is christmas morning...a lifetime of the most special of all mornings. whatever.

i want to thank everyone for all of the very kind gifts left in various places around here for me. i intend to thoroughly enjoy every single one of them!

i should probably attempt at least some kind of warm and fuzzy or even better... something deeply moving and profound. but i don't have either...i just know it is cold outside, and we have snow on the is a wintery white christmas here.

i hung all of the stockings with toys and treats for our guys last night. not too keen on emptying any of them cuz as the stuffy de-gutters get at them.... it will make a huge mess. i am sorry that joey isn't here, he so loves tons of toys. but i had an update from his new family and all is going well. i am 1000% sure he has some pretty cool xmas gifts to squeak and chew the crap out of where he is.

i absolutely have to do something about halo's smell before the volunteers get here and use up all of the hot water. we have added stilbestrol to her med mix..hoping it cuts back on her leaking... even a little bit would be good. last week i tore my room apart, got into every nook, cranny and corner trying to find that strong urine odor. i finally discovered it was halo that smelled so bad. the staff bathed her but the improvement only lasted a day or two til she was reeking again. with our current pathetic daily hot water limit, it is hard to bath her every couple of days. the little leakers are ok to do cuz we can boil water and stick them in a warm sink but halo is far too big for that..she needs the full meal deal shower. not torturing her old bones with freezing cold water despite how she smells.

this is the first time that i have to apologise to visitors over how my room smells after it has been is somewhat embarrassing. but i try to not worry on it too much..halo is a very sweet dog and it is not her fault that she has terminal cancer. soon enough i will be missing her.

oh here is something important i can talk about..what saints means to halo this christmas day.

her cruelty officer found her matted, dirty, bleeding, crippled and distressed with loneliness and pain in a shitty outdoor kennel just a couple of weeks ago. today she has good food, good company, a comfortable home. she has antibiotics, pain meds, her coat is shining and dematted, her bleeding is much better and she is this very moment happily content, comfortable and sleeping in a baby's play pen stinking up my room!

halo is already having a merry christmas and she hasn't even gotten to the stocking filled with toys or the pizza lynn is bringing for all of them yet. as soon as it gets light out, i will whip her over to the shop for a warm, feel good and smell nice shower.
once that is done she can really enjoy her first real christmas day.

merry christmas halo...and once again...welcome sweetheart to saints!


Margie (Bodhi's mom)

I haven't met Halo, but I've met many dogs who match her "before" description, unfortunately. I have tears of joy for her new life. Merry Christmas from Bodhi (formerly Alf) to Halo and all the other creatures at SAINTS.


Merry Christmas Carol: I wish I could've come on Sunday - still very snowy and icy here, but I missed seeing everyone at SAINTS. It makes me smile to think of Halo - her coat looks so clean and shiny now, and her tail keeps wagging. She's a very happy girl, even if she does smell. - oh, and I loved your Christmas jingle. SAINTS is such a magical place, and you are an amazing woman. Thank you for letting me share in a small part of it. It's a priviledge.


Merry Christmas Carol. I hope your day with your family is wonderful!
Norm sends his christmas love to you!


merry christmas dawn and family!

thx hilary...stilbestrol is a hormone replacement to help with involuntary leaking..if it doesn't work we can try PPA...but stebestrol is my first choice because a fair amount gets donated so it cuts down costs.

H. Andrew

Have you tried PPA (phenylpropanolomine) for Halo?
My 14 year old male was having profound peeing problems and with the PPA he is now dry all day and night.
Just a thought!



We have had a Christmas miracle over at our home...I awoke this morning to my darling Trudy barking at the back door to be let out for a pee. For those who don't know this cute little darling has at every opportunity peeded on my carpet for the entire time she has been here.

Papa John is also very happy, Santa was very good to a good little boy this morning!

Merry Christmas with love from my home to yours.

Dawn, Hana, Trudy and Papa John