Rescue Journal

rescuing the dick headed ones

Carol  ·  Dec. 30, 2012

yesterday morning, KO found floyd wounded and bleeding....he most likely stuck his head thru the wire to fight with nugget (cuz floyd is also a dick headed one) and nugget grabbed hold and beat the crap out of him. he is up and about but he has several very sore wounds...luckily fionna brought her hubby along for barn duty and he quickly put up a solid barrier between their two pens.

freaking chickens, ducks and roosters are a royal pain in the ass to rescue.

and here is the thing....

i don't have to be a great fan of every species....i don't have to feel all warm and fuzzy or be a sappy puppy hugger for every furred or feathered beast around here. i just have to be a believer that every single creature deserves a life of from unnecessary frustration, unhappiness,discomfort, abuse or neglect.

nature itself is about as cruel as it comes...but i don't live in the natural world..i live in a world created by man. and that means i have a responsibility to protect the weak...even pain in the ass ducks and roosters that were bred because of humans like me.

nugget is true to himself...a big, strong and healthy, territorial jerk..he is what nature intended him to be. my job is to minimize the damage that being his true self sometimes brings when living in my human beating the shit out of an equally dick headed duck.

the one thing that i learned long ago from an old timer rescuer is know them is to loath them...


every single life is what it is...they are who they are.... and every single one of them does truly have a personal and individual intrinsic value...and i have great respect for all of them.


sometimes i do think they are little bastards and a royal pain in the butt.

maybe this is how god sometimes thinks about us.



I can relate to dick headed animals.I remember our 3 family goats ALWAYS getting their heads stuck in the fence!!! Then again it was my dads fault for getting the wrong size page wire fencing.