Rescue Journal

last night of the year.

Carol  ·  Dec. 31, 2012

was someone up here checking on the dogs tonight? it was amazingly clean in every area when i got home. a quick whip thru to let everyone out to pee...i fed and did the diabetics and poof, in a blink of a few eyes, it was done! wow!!

bad news for bess today...the vet found a mass on her spleen today.he did an ultrasound and a needle biopsy and she has hemangiosarcoma. bess is now palliative...that so truly sucks.
we will watch her closely for her time to go.

jazz is home, she came back with a big bag of new toys. bobo has helped himself and eaten most of them so she is probably slightly pissed off. poor jazz...she must of thought she had died and gone to toy heaven til she got home and the big boob brought her back to toy destructor reality.

odie is a bit pissed too...he keeps blindly peering thru the wire kitchen door..he knows damn well there are some pretty cool toys getting chewed to shit where he can't reach them.

ok off to bed, have to get up at six for work in the morning.

and so another year ends...more of the same tomorrow.



|Ah sweet Bess You have had much gentlier and happy life in the past few months than in the many years before. May Lottie pick up again soon. Could she have a bad tooth? Also we have an adorable tricolor cavalier. She was a breeders dog, outdoor in a shed but she has been fully vetted (not a tooth left) and her HT is coming along quite well. She is 10 yrs old and does have a heart murmur. She just loves to be loved and is finding that snuggled up with you is the place to be!


i saw those blankets when i dd the final check last night..freaking adorable! sorry i missed you guys.



I came with Kathy K today with a van of items she bought for SAINTS. I told Dionne where the barn animal stuff was and she bought you some personal items tthat should be in the office. She bought a flat of a/d feline cat food that I hope you see. The really cute fuzzy blankets i put on the chair close to the door. We put everything in the garage/shed. I looked at what looked like a red brick and asked her why she bought a brick - it was a salt lick brick for the horses - I thought that was funny.