Rescue Journal

my big bang theory

Carol  ·  Dec. 31, 2012

humans like things big...big houses, big bank accounts, big bangs to celebrate things...we pretty much like to make a big impression with everything.
not too happy that there will most likely be big fireworks tonight to welcome 2013!



jazzy went out on a trial adoption yesterday, she is coming home today. her new home was still grieving the loss of her 18 yr old daxi and she suddenly realized it was too soon and jazzy was a mistake. this is why we do the 2 week allows for second thoughts before they become regrets. i am all for folks figuring it out quickly before the animal settles in and thinks they have a home and family again.

floyd seems to be recovering from his injuries but we will be watching him closely. i am most concerned with the wounds under his wings because we can't easily see them. nugget did a pretty good number on him thru the wire.

choe is on again off again with her eating..i will go back to the pureed baby food for a couple of more days. she does look a bit better to me tho, or maybe that is just wishful thinking.

bess goes in today for bloodwork and a nail trim..i am not touching her bear sized black claws.

lottie is still losing weight, we will up what she is eating and see how she does.

we are waiting on three new dogs to come in..shep from nelson, a deaf senior sheltie named lila, a one eyed senior shitzu whose name i can't remember, and i thought there was a 14 yr old cat from somewhere?...anyway, no hurry for any of them as far as i am concerned. i am happy to have a bit of a break from new ones. and once they are all in, we are pretty much full again.

everyone have a very happy and safe new years, wow 2013? where does the time go?????


Bunny Horne

MO, KO - we're bringing fruits and veg and granola bars for the barn guys tomorrow and STRAWBERRIES for Miss Ellie-Mae.