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heads up...

Carol  ·  Jan. 2, 2013

i am having a weird kind of medical test to follow up with my recent high blood pressure to check my adrenalin levels (wanna bet i do as much as i routinely do because they probably are a bit out of whack???)...and it has a couple of really rotten rules attached to caffine, no tobacco products (this means... OH MY FREAKIN GAWD!!! cold substitute nicotine patch), no alcohol, no antihypertensives or NSAIDS, no stress, no strenous physical activities... (to name a few)...nothing that might artificially effect my adrenal gland for three days prior to or during the 24 hours of the test.

so in short..for the next FOUR days, i am going to be very unhappy, sore and absolutely miserable in pretty much every single way.

best to stay far, far away.


(this has been a public service annoucement to keep everyone apologies in advance. i should be ok by tuesday when i can slap a patch back on.)



Put yourself in a bubble-only way you could possibly stop Life for 4 days. Good Luck!

Marla in SD

There are reasons that we are taught to read from the top of the post down. But oh, no, not me! Instead I read the public service warning after looking at the picture and, as much as I truly have great admiration for wolves and their culture, had this horrible image of some terrible event happening at SAINTS! Guess my heart is started and ready to go for the day! Hope all goes well with your tests. Take care!


shit i CANT stay away! ahhhh! jk. will be bringing my kids to work today, equal fair warning to you :)


bloody hell... i've never HEARD of this kind of a test! that's one vicious cold turkey. maybe someone should make you some brownies?

they have an unrealistic idea at trying to get an "accurate" reading by removing everything that stimulates it on a regular basis. O.o no stress, huh?

one of the weirdest things they've ever had me do was take polystyrene for high potassium. that was... interesting.


You've still got sense of humour, love the picture (at first I thought it was a new dog coming in!)
It's only 4 days, and maybe you will get some answers, so hang in there!!



Haha. Love the picture. I will hold off harassing you about emails or intake requests.


Two words...medical marijuana ;-)
Good luck with the next four days. I hope everyone survives.

Love ya sis!