Rescue Journal

shep update

Carol  ·  Jan. 5, 2013

the problem with doing an evening admission is....getting whoever into the house and settled at least into one room. which is what i did with shep..whipped him into the house, into my room and let him get used to everyone in there. the big dog room can be a bit trickier...jess is a jerk...june has poor intro skills and andy freaks out...i would rather do those intro's during daylight hours.
so shep is stuck in my room...i can't get him past the dogs to outside and i don't want him out there yet anyway cuz he is a bit overwhelmed and i don't want to risk losing him. so safety first..inside my room he stays. i am fully prepared for him peeing in there...he is here because incontinence is a major issue for i padded the room up well to get thru the night.

this dog is like a super-hero at peeing...he has to have some kind of magical powers (or actual disease) to produce that much urine over 12 hours. i will get him into the vets this week..i think he has cushings.

bess was quite happy that shep was flooding the floor...there were not enough raised dog beds in there to accomondate all of the big dogs and all of shep's urine so bess got lifted up on my bed to keep her from floating away on the floor.
bess says she really likes my bed...oh yay.

anyway..i will get shep introduced to the other dogs today so he can go in and out as he needs, that should help with his peeing....i hope.

shep is a super nice dog so if it doesn't, oh well.

as to how am i doing?
my life currently sucks and i don't want to talk about it.



Again, glad that Shep is there and doing OK. Yeah, he can pee!--but we had no incidents on the trip down, I just had to stop every hour or so and walk him...he let me know when he needed to go.


lots of folks use the belly bands bridget and swear by them....there are just too many incontinents around here to bother with diaper and band changes every couple of hours plus there is the ripper and shredder factor which adds even more clean up (and expense)

but as an incontinence management tool for a single incontinent family dog...they should work pretty good..if bill doesn't mind them that is.


i know this wouldn't work for the ones with the kidney problems, but i was curious if you had tried them previously, and what you thought?


i'm so new at this... but i was wondering if using them myself for our Bill with his marking.
have you ever tried belly bands for dogs, Carol?


More of a pee-er than Dusty when she was first at Saints? I used to say that dog could pee for Canada - a real champion.


Carol; I'm bringing you some homemade tomato vegetable soup tomorrow (for supper), plus your usual lunch, so you're covered for tomorrow's meals. We've had more snow here in Hope, but I should be fine for the am, unless another snow storm hits tonight. I hope not.


you're doing great, Carol. you ARE. just a couple more days to go. count the hours if it helps. (it wouldn't for me, but it does help for some!)

after your test, don't skimp. have your NSAIDs and a patch on hand and coffee planned.. decide where you're going to get it... and get a GOOD coffee, none of the nasty stuff. it may seem stupid to prepare, but when you're out of the test, you'll be REALLY happy it's waiting for you. have everything you could possibly want waiting.

health tests are a real drain. a treat afterwards is what makes mine bearable. if mum is with me, we try to have a good lunch afterwards, usually.

Sherry Lynn

Thank you again Carol and SAINTS for taking him. He has a lot of life left in him (aside from his kidneys, eyes, and ears) and is a real sweetie. My heart is warmed knowing that he is finally there.

I am wishing you all the best Carol and hope your adrenal glad gets to taste some caffeine again soon!