Rescue Journal

i haven't killed anyone yet....

Carol  ·  Jan. 6, 2013

not going to say i haven't thought about it tho.

folks are asking me..are you going to keep trying to quit smoking when the testing is done?
odd question and why are you asking me that?

i don't know...but i guess i better decide before the next 2 days are up.

all of you non smokers out there are thinking..of course you are going to keep made it this would be stupid to stop now.
this would be because you live in the real can see the benefits of not smoking....happy non breathless dancing on some richer non smokers beach in healthy hawaii.
fer chrissakes...who the hell wouldn't quit smoking????

that ain't gonnabe what i get....i get the live longer version of the noisy, not private or all that comfortable dog pound where frustration now can't go up in smoke. i might live longer but maybe others won't.

and if that freaking boob doesn't stop licking me..he may be the first to go.



Voting begins again tomorrow for the shelter challenge on link to the right. Are we good to vote for Saints again this round?