Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 7, 2013

i just love when the fire alarm goes off at 0430..not.
besides freaking out all of the is a bitch to turn off. you guys think my shop rodent annoyer is hard on the head and ears...try the fire alarm.
it is brutal first thing in the morning...there is no going back to bed after that.

i smoked yesterday...i had a 4 hour mini meltdown...clara's unexpected death, pokey's trip to emerg (with a $1200 bill) and the god damn dogs ate my fake $52 electronic wasn't a good day.

i am back on the unhappy smokeless wagon..i recharged the back up fake smoke....we will see how it goes.
i went back and carefully re-read todays testing instructions. it says for 72 hours prior 'to AVOID" the doesn't say don't do it or start over again. i think there might be some leeway there. better be cuz i am NOT starting over at square one again.

new senior hyperthyroid cat with rotten teeth coming in from AC sometime today. pokey comes home from emerg. clara goes out to the provincial lab for a post mortum and i try really hard not to kill any really annoying human(s.)

such a fun day.



I met Shep yesterday after barn chores.. What a sweetheart , he reminds me a bit of Cooper...I was giving some after barn chores treats to the bed buddies and after a minute or so he decided it looked like fun so he got up & joined in..old dog faces are so me anyhow.

Carol .. remember the chant " this too shall pass ".. I use it daily at work...not that I am chanting my life away..just some days I'd prefer them to move on faster.

Sherry Lynn

If the adrenal gland test comes back a little wacky, you could always blame it on the 4:30am fire alarm.....that would have sent your adrenaline sky-rocketing.

cheryl and stef

When our momma goat passed away she was so bloated and it was not bloat she had 15 litres of excess fluid drained from her. Unfortunately they nicked part of the bowel as they were draining her and she bloated again overnight this time with air. The autopsy showed that she had tumors on her ovaries. It was very strange because I had just finished treatments for ovarian cancer and I knew the bloated feeling from the ascites. Hope you get results quickly for Clara .