Rescue Journal

so besides feeling badly for fletch...

Carol  ·  Jan. 12, 2013

i feel badly for halo, mystic and june. they can no longer come into my room. halo food guards and i just can't take the chance that she may or may not snap at him over the food bowl. june is a thundering 130 pound oaf when she plays and just about breaks me let alone a fragile little puppy... and mystic likes to play grab, stretch and tug of war on other dogs necks. i am hoping maybe somehow i can figure out someway that everyone can come in and sleep with me again.

i just haven't thought of it yet...i need to think of something tho because they are all feeling abandoned.

pokey is still bit of a worry..he did not eat for dionne yesterday but he did eat a little bit at bedtime. if he is not more stable by monday, i will take him back into the vets..maybe he needs IV antibiotics instead of oral to get a better handle on his kidney infection. in any case..i will watch him carefully just in case he needs to go back into emergency before then.

mya has a great family interested in meeting her...fingers crossed that this is the right for her family that she has been waiting for. she really is a super sweet dog.

oliver still looks like shit. i will get him back in for his recheck this upcoming week. i am not too hopeful that we have gotten his diabetes under any kind of even minimal control.

my funny for last night...

al is lying across the top of my bed...fletcher had stretched out over the pillows to find a spot near my head. mini-me sleeps on those pillows..and while she is 80% blind..she can still see that damn puppy is parked where she likes to lie.
so she bounces up and down on the top step up to the bed, barking and barking over and over again.
i call her up to an empty spot just below al...after about 5 minutes, she finally caves in and bounces up in that spot. she looks at mammoth al and she looks at her occupied pillows and she turns round, bounces back down to the top step and starts bitching and bouncing all over again...that empty spot just was not good enough for our mini princess.
gosh she is funny!



In more than one of my cats I have found that Zenequin (antibitotic) works really well for nasty kidney infections and keep them on it for at least 6 weeks. A pain in the ass but a good long term antibiotic for these kidney infections that are stubborn.

Sherry Lynn

How about a nice big open kennel for Fletcher to sleep in? That way he can be protected and the others can still sleep with you. I know my pup hated kenneling for the first little bit, but now it's his refuge and he loves to be in there.

Bunny Horne

Pipsqueak Paddock is ahead of Saints this morning in the Pet Shelter Challenge. I just voted.


apparantly for one of the dogs the treatment was successful for 10 months so this wouldn't have to be an every other day thing.


lili wang and a collegue used gene therapy on hemophiliac dogs in a clinical trial they ran at the Salk Institute in La Jolla. Wang is now at the Gene part of U. Pennsylvania. they had some success with the higher doses. might be worth a try/call.


met fletcher yesterday, what a sweetie. just sits up on the bed like he was meant to be there. fits in good, except for being a humping your leg little maniac. lol fingers and toes crossed for mya. that would be great. she is a sweetie.