Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 17, 2013

fletch had a decent night..i fed him three watered down extra snacks before we both went to sleep but he just peed them out again so i don't think he stored any.
shep goes in this morning but he did again eat some little ceasars last night. i think it is his liver problems that are screwing around with his appetite.
i am not sure if either frankie or pokey will make it thru their own current health crises...frankie seems to have forgotten how to eat and pokey is an ancient 19. but they were both a bit perkier last night so we will see.

oliver is home from the vets but i haven't spoken to the vet yet so i am not sure where we are going with him.
ed had his shave down...he had to be fully sedated..i feel badly for doing it to him when it is so cold and because he is so old. but that old chow matts up like a son of a gun and he won't let us brush him. i did get an indoor fleece coat on him so hopefully he wasn't too cold. we can just put an outdoor jacket over top for when he goes out til some of his fur grows back.

cc seemed to be ok at bedtime...she really likes the whole personally served dinner thing. she strikes me as a sweet gentle little lady and i need to spend some time developing a relationship with her so she feels like she is in a home.

renee said squirt had a seizure yesterday but he recovered really quickly from it. he seems to have one every 3 months or so but i should start marking them down.

erin said bobo has some kind of odd skin thing starting..we will start him on keflex to see if we can nip it in the bud. if it doesn't clear in a day or so i will get him into the vet. she also said someone bit phoebe in the neck. apparently she was quite the hag yesterday and someone had enough.

i think we have 9 dogs and 5 cats who are currently hovering around playing peek a boo with death..not sure who will keep playing and who will call it quits. but right now the worry list is pretty damn freaking intense.

i tell you...exclusively palliative, senior and special needs rescue was not the brightest idea i have ever had.



Palliative, senior and special needs cat adoptions was not the brightest idea I ever had either......................


Got a Chuckle out of this one (i tell you…exclusively palliative, senior and special needs rescue was not the brightest idea i have ever had.)