Rescue Journal

i wish night time was longer and mornings were fewer and farther between

Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2013

i was so happy in bed. best sleep ever...right thru from 11pm until 063o this why am i so freaking tired???

i really wanted to try out the new hot water tank and have a decandently hot and very deep bath. sadly since it was not turned on until didn't have a chance to get any water hot before i went to bed. but tonight i am filling that tub right to the rim without worry cuz cam put in the mother of all hot water tanks for me..that thing is almost as tall as i am!

daphne totally hates that puppy. she tried to escape his notice by sleeping squeezed up next to me under the blanket. but fletch knew she was there...he poked her with his puppy nose, flapped her with puppy feet and when i got mad at him for tormenting her...he sat down and squished her with his dumb puppy ass.

luckily fletch fell asleep as fast as me so daph had a good nights puppy free sleep.

mystic is so choked over that pup that she won't even come into my room. no more soft puffy magical mystical bedtime cuddles...i just get mr. boney, rock head, shark attack mouth to cuddle with now.

you watch..that puppy knuckle head will live forever cuz we will do everythng we can to keep him safe and i will never have the sweet, quiet, gentle, sleepy," i love you softly mom" mystic (that no one else gets to see) ever again.

such a bedtime loss for me.

does anyone want to foster a maniac hemophiliac puppy?



Yes, I met Buddy when I took Fletcher out to the pond today. KO suggested we call him OB (as in "other Buddy") clever idea. Hopefully he will put on some weight like Buddy did when he came in so thin. So sad to see a beautiful old dog so emaciated.
-and then there's Fletch, who was so happy to go out to the barn to eat horse poop, and run around in his life jacket OFF leash (which made me very nervous) but Carol was there watching, so it was ok. I then took him for a walk off the property ON leash. I try not to be sad when I look at Fletcher, since he's oblivious to all the dangers ahead, and is acting like a normal, happy puppy, so I choose to smile when I look at that gorgeous face.