Rescue Journal

ok..i am on a roll. you guys might want to skip this post.

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2013

have you ever thought about real suffering?
african children orphaned by both parents before they are 7..kidnapped and trapped into violent warfare as child soldiers until someone from either side bludgeons them to death?
10 year old girls sold into sexual slavery?
women and children who are beaten regularly by drunken, enraged fathers and husbands?
people alive in a vegative state, kept physically alive by feeding tubes and respirators?
what about the aboriginols on virtually every in beaten down abject hopeless misery and poverty?
the profoundly mentally ill who are tormented daily by voices or thoughts inside their heads?
the 30 year old palliative cancer patients who are counting the moments of their life until they are dead?

the 98 year old demented, blind and deaf immobile person in a wet diaper tied to their chair or their bed?
humans who suffer unbearably every single day of their lives.
and we do not euthanize.

or what about the wild and free animals who have nothing to do with human life? they become injured, they become ill. they suffer irredeemable pain with no one to help them? they starve or they freeze, or they are driven away from their homes, or they are hunted and killed by humans or other animals. their lives nor their deaths are easy..their lives are difficult and full of various kinds of suffering and their deaths are usually painful. we don't euthanize them to end their suffering lives.

so here my thing about euthanizing animals.. i actually don't think i have the right. i do it because at times i feel i have no choice..but i don't think i EVER have the actual right. (and i would never euthanize a human..i don't care if suddenly it was legal or the person begged me to do it..i absolutely wouldn't.) in fact sometimes i wonder if there is an actual hell..if i will end up in there because of the animals i have ended the lives of with my interference. you may think that is silly..but sometimes it worries me.

none of us..human or animal has any choice in how or when we are born, or how hard or easy will be living our life. none of us has any say in how or when we actually die...(unless we commit suicide.)

why was i born to good and loving parents in a country that believed i had value and rights?
why was i born human to enjoy human priviledge and rights?
why has my life NOT been filled with unhappiness and constant suffering?

i don't know. but i do know how lucky i am and how great is the suffering in other worlds.

do we kill every creature who suffers, be they animal or human?

or is sometimes suffering just another part of being alive?

i was thinking about all of this in the bath tonight.

what a whacked out mind!


Barbara DeMott

Maybe review the four noble truths of Buddha: they make sense to me
The cause of suffering is the holding on to it.....


I too believe that humans are equally worthy of a gentle, compassionate passing as our animal friends.

It would be lovely if every living being faced the end of their lives curled up in their own beds asleep, after a long, productive, happy lives free of suffering.

Sadly, that is not the world in which we live.


I am a firm believer of ending suffering if there is no way to relive it and I pray that if I am ever in that position I will be able to be in control of what my final outcome is.

To this day I still " feel " for that squirrel I tried to help who was horribly injured & bit me to get away..did he/she slowly starve curled up in a safe spot hurting, or was nature kind enough to put him/her in the path of a natural predator & end the misery quickly...such thoughts will often keep me up at night.

The world simply sucks sometimes


I just got up an read this ' odd you chat on this Ray & i had a chat on it also ' i 'am on the same page as you are ' & i know i don't have that right' but also would never do this! I also thinking on it I just know that i do not want any child Or human to suffer ' but feel the same towards critters ' it makes me crazy ' & very sad ' i often wondered if i 'am alone feeling this way ''as i always say why can't every one have the right to be born with health , a million bucks and all the love they can share. ( in every country''in the workd '' sigh''


You are not whacked out. You're just grappling with the age-old question: why is there suffering? Why is it such a crap shoot? Why is it so unfair?

Sometimes I think just accepting that you may not get the answers to those questions in this lifetime may be the way to go. It may be beyond the scope of us puny, limited humanoids to understand.

But I bet if at the end of the line, when you measure the suffering of the animals who've come to SAINTS with the deep joy and love they've felt after they got here... joy and love will win.