Rescue Journal

buddy up...

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2013

the new chi is here...squeaky is freaking adorable and i want her on my bed. that ain't going to happen with nutbar puppy in there so i had couple of bright ideas.

first bobo and fletch would go for a nice leash walk together and once they were friends..fletch would get his ass booted out of my bedroom and into the computer room because all of the little bed buddies think he is a pain in the ass.

next chance would get the boot from the laundry room and over to the mp frail area..then the laundry area wuld be free to stick odie in when we had to move bobo or fletch in and out.
finally because the mp room is full...other buddy, shep and cooper would come over to the big dog room, with fletch out of there, they should quite like it and then little teenie weenie squeaky could come and hang out on my bed.

it was a very good plan.

except...the boob tried to break the pup on the walk..and chance and pepper apparently TOTALLY hate each other.
so fletch is still in my room. chance is back in the laundry area and that freaking adorable teacup squeaky thing is NOT on my bed.

dogs freaking suck.

ebony is suddenly sick today...she is all wobbly, not eating and dripping green discharge out of her nose. i bumped tess out of her appointment tomorrow and will insert ebony instead. other buddy also goes in because i am willing to bet that poor old starved dog has not seen a vet for many, many years.

amber has gone out to foster care with a really nice senior man.

the new dog is in from the home where his mom passed away. he is a 15 yr old cream colored lab. he is a super nice dog but unfortunately his name is also buddy.

big sigh..we can't have three buddies all at the same time. i can't change any of their names because none of them are deaf and all of them have had those names for at least 15 years of their lives.

so the simple solution for me to differentiate between the three dogs is...
brown buddy
black buddy
white buddy...(ok he is actually cream but white is close enough.)

mo and ko....don't even bother with any better name (Obi) whining..this works for me and the dogs. on the bright side we get one name for three's a buddy 3-fer....super easy to remember!



see a dog here?..just call him buddy and you will probably be right!

i should just name all of the dogs buddy then i can yell at them all at once!


Helga..could he be a OB...( Other Buddy)..stirring the response necassary:-)


Not Ebony, she is one of the healthier more active cats there. Hate to see another house cat get sick


Black Buddy is NOT a Fuddy or a Duddy. NO.NO.NO. You can't do that to such a beautiful dignified dog.


Is Squeaky in a playpen in the MP room or running around? What about putting Squeaky in the laundry area in the house with Chance? I know... one more little body in the laundry area to make sure doesn't get out into the kitchen with Odie..... Never mind.


Ha Ha..I gave up trying to convince you of names years ago...Super yea for Amber she is a wonderful girl I hope it works out..I like the fundy duddy combo though