Rescue Journal

oliver passed peacefully away at the vets.

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2013

he was so kind and forgiving..purring and head butting me.

we just couldn't think of anything left to try to save him. the vet said she was sure there was something brewing underneath it all.

oliver is only the second insulin resistent cat i have ever had and i don't like losing to a disease that should be able to managed.

from the moment of his arrival til the moment of his death..oliver has always been a very sweet and loving cat.

oliver was only 6 years old.
oliver_zps4d1374fb photo oliver_zps4d1374fb.jpg

rest in peace gentle soul.



hugs to sheila and leila. i know your oliver was a handful but he had the only two people whose hands and hearts and heads were big enough and strong enough to hold and love a difficult dog.
peaceful journey to all of you.


I somehow didnt see this post earlier..and didnt realize Oliver was only 6..I am sorry ..RIP sweet kitty.

Huge (((hugs))) to Sheila and Leila..I will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending you strength and courage to see you through the day.


So sorry about Oliver I realy realy liked him. He was always very kind to remind us when it was feeding time on Saturdays. RIP Oliver


It makes me so sad to live so far away, I never got to meet Oliver, but he's always been one of my favourites; he reminds me of my old cat, Casper. Sleep softly, Oliver :(


We are going to lose our not so sweet and loving Oliver tomorrow. Glad that Sweet Oliver and not so sweet Oliver are going to have their own days. RIP sweet Oliver.


I loved that boy. He, just like The Rock had a very distinct meow. RIP Oliver