Rescue Journal

i said...she said.

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2013

black buddy had his vet visit...he has been dewormed, checked over, had his ears flushed, had his first cartrophen injection, and bloodwork drawn. we can up his pain meds...bad arthritis in his front elbows and wrists, moderate arthritis in his back knees. he really is in horrible condition...coat, skin and overall weight..BUT his teeth are pretty good (he is only 10,) his heart and lungs sound ok so we will see how he does with good nutrition, a good pain management plan, and as he puts on weight. he had a double bath yesterday...erin said the water ran blood red. not sure if that was from a past flea infestation (they probably all jumped ship when they had sucked him to death) or if he was actually laying in a puddle of blood somewhere. he doesn't have any fresh wounds on him so who knows.

hopefully in a month or two we will see a totally new old dog.

white buddy is doing ok..he is a bit needy. he was moved over into the big dog room so he can go out nd hang around the barn with the other guys. erin will start him on pain meds tomorrow, he seems a bit sore. and i will get him into the vets next week for a good going over.

ebony is staying at the vets....her mouth is a mess again and she will have surgery on friday.

frankie has been moved into a cage into the frail dog room...when puff and ed are out she can come out for a wander but make sure all of the doors are closed. i think besides being sick, she was depressed from being too much alone. as she absolutely abhorrs other cats, our options are slim where to put her for more company without any other cats around. so dionne suggested the cage in the frail room and that is working out well...she seems to like it in there...yay.

Dr. Petrelli is coming in about an hour to work on some of the broken ones here..i want her to do accupuncture on the neurogenic bladder dogs, on black buddy for his arthritis and maybe some herbal build up his blood supplements for that pain in the ass fletcher.

i said to erin yesterday..i really wish someone would foster fletch. she said to post it and maybe someone would. i said i already did post it and no one responded...she said maybe everyone thought i was kidding and really wanted to keep him here.
i said are you freaking kidding? i can have that little f#&$'er's leash, lifejacket and salt shaker packed in less than 2 seconds.
anyone want to hopefully long term foster a puppy? his care now is easy..keep him from bumping into hard or sharp shit, sprinkle salt on his food and teach that maniac baby some manners. fletcher feels really good!



Ditto Erin. The older ones have seen and done all that they want too (content in their old age) and need no training. Is the cramp Carol's that you are talking about? If so that gave me a chuckle.


funny, those of us that work/volunteer at saints all prefer the senior animals, some even cringe at the word puppy. (i personally would rather massage your ass cramp!)yet the rest of the world tosses the old guys aside in favour of cute brown and white boxer/bull/pit pups. funny weird, not funny ha ha.