Rescue Journal

so last night was...

Carol  ·  Jan. 24, 2013


that puppy is going to give mini me a heart attack. mini is a fiesty little thing, she thinks she can take on that puppy when he is bugging her but he is too much of an unruly oaf for her.

i finally got totally pissed off at fletch for tormenting mini and not listening to me so i tossed him over into the big dog room. while he was gone, i had some time to get to know blonde buddy a bit better and i invited him up on the bed. blonde buddy was up there like a dirty shirt and smashed up against me, happy to have human company.
eventually i had to let fletch back in and he bee lined for the bed frantic at suffering a time out and being ignored.

i slipped back into bed quickly right next to blonde buddy. the second that frantic fletch hit the bed all hell broke loose. fletch came flying, buddy started snapping like a crocodile with his head spinning round like he needed an exorcist. fletch threw the brakes on, floppped over on his side and partially on my head. i was pinned by the frozen in fear puppy and i quickly moved my hands and arms way far away from that enraged and snapping head.

whoa...deep breath...don't anyone (esp. me!) move a single muscle.
with everyone suddenly frozen and silently immobile around him, buddy stopped with the "i am going to kill someone" shit. fletcher then very slowly and quietly moved away a couple of inches, turned his back and pretended to sleep. buddy put his head down, content now that puppy was not in his face. and then both he and i (and probably mini me also) gave a big puppy free sigh of contentment and went to sleep.

i am really starting to like this new blonde buddy..he is going to be my newest and bestest bed buddy...take that fletcher you impolite little beast!



I couldn't help but laugh at the bed time scenario. It's good to have an older dog show a younger one how to act properly. With blonde buddy on the bed every night, at least it will be a calm and peaceful time.