Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2013

mo is right..i really don't have time to call and arrange each days to help with each individual i will just post the night before each day what time i am leaving here in the morning to go to the house and if anyone is able to help they can meet me here before i go. sorry i cannot not post the address on the blog.

in any case..i still have my responsibilities to saints that i will fit in between settling the estate so my times for leaving each day may be different depending on what is happening here.

moving on to saints stuff...
ebony had her surgery today...not ready to come home yet, maybe tomorrow..i will check in with her around lunch. that will give me time to spend a couple of hours at the house, pick her up in maple ridge and be back here for barn bedtime.

jet is still bit upset but i finally just got her to eat some temptations at bedtime so this is good.

zsu zsu and cliff desperately need some grooming and bathing..i will TRY to get to them this weekend....damn messy cats! and shit i have not checked maybelle for needing a bath lately..i better get to that too!

hubby has been moved to my room..he is also still upset but it has in no way affected his appetite! i brought him home his favorite moose toy according to pat and laney. so maybe he will settle a bit more with something familiar here.

fletch is absolutely hating the big dog room and is totally miserable.... june is being a total hag to him..he can't blink without her giving him shit. the staff pulled blonde buddy out and put him in my room..i guess he was being mean to the baby too. i actually feel sorry for the little bugger BUT...he is just too, too, too much for those little and ancient dogs in my room.

remind me NEVER to rescue a puppy again and i don't care how sick or palliative they are supposed to be. we just are not in any shape or form, set up to deal with puppies...esp when we go out of our way to help them feel MORE energenic and healthy!

frankie is bouncing back nicely. pokey is just moderately hanging in there. jingles was quieter and less active then usual today so we will be keeping a close eye on her. she has gotten to that big broiler size that makes her abit of a worry. squeaky will probably be moving to her new home, sometime in the next couple of weeks.
halo is slowing down just a little so i am watchng her too. black buddy is doing pretty good..looks like he has put on a tiny bit of weight so i am happy about this.

well..i better go rescue fletcher, i can see he is hanging around outside thru the cameras..looks like he is afraid to go in thru the doggy door. i will get him settled safely on a bed and feed him his dinner..maybe that will cheer him up. sucks to be a dough headed and inconsiderate puppy..he has pretty much pissed everyone here off...poor little obnoxious babe.


shelagh f

I picked her up and she was clean and didn't
smell friday. She does love to cuddle


yay dionne!..thank goodness you are on top of maybelle..i was suddenly having a guilt-neglect attack cuz i honesty haven't checked her for weeks (bad me!). maybe we can try trimming cliff's ickies off..maybe he won't get so upset with a snip here and there?


I check Maybelle daily...she is clean and doesn't have any odor. Cliff started having bad days after I groomed him a bit so I stopped.


i will do all 3 cats tomm. and i pulled w.buddy because he doesnt agree that all food belongs to halo, but i do :)