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armour up...

Carol  ·  Jan. 27, 2013

i have to say that fletch's lifejacket is probably the very best puppy manner's tool i have EVER found (accidently.)
out on the field run yesterday, fletch was again wanting to maul the little guys...such fun and exciting interactive living toys. but that life jacket has a handle right in the middle of his back...all i had to do was grab it, lift him off the ground, give him shit and drop him back to earth again...and he actually started to "get" it.

as much as he hates living with the big guys and being seperated from his little "we really do NOT like you" friends..fletch is also learning a few manners in there. i can actually go in with him now and not be chewed and scratched to death. the second he starts that over excited maniac puppy of those old big guys gets up and is royally pissed at him.

i am so not a dog trainer and puppies are like a foreign freak species to me..between the lifejacket and the big dogs..we just might one day see a relatively polite little hemophiliac puppy.
hope floats for them, for fletch and for me.

i know no one is probably ever going to take him...taking on a ticking bomb of a puppy who will one day bleed a lot to ask of anyone.
we are ALL chicken shits as far as watching anyone we love suddenly die...make that an adorable, cute faced puppy and everyone rightly runs.

but here is the thing from fletcher's eyes...he doesn't know he is going to die. that innocent little dough head, hasn't a clue. he thinks his life is forever and he wants to happily live it too.
fletch may literally hit the end of his life in an hour..or..(if he keeps his armour on)...he might run into it hard when he is 10. who knows? fletch did not come with an actual expirary date..he just came with a disease.

i can, i can, i can (gulp) for this puppy. i will have to stretch and bend..i will have to learn how to stand strong and be a consistent disciplinarian (i quite suck at this...i usually pretty much just let dogs do whatever they want to..much easier for me!) but fletch is NOT mystic..he is a doorknob pit puppy and we all have to be able to live in peace with him for as long as that may be.

geez gut instinct too is to run fast and far away from you..but not because you are sick. it is because you are an infant idiot stick.

but i promise i won't.


another Doreen

Maybe Fletcher's gift to us is to remind us to live in the moment for we are all mortal eventually?


I am so sorry but I won't be in today to the house. I think I have the flu! Yuck