Rescue Journal

ah shit...

Carol  ·  Jan. 28, 2013

i was totally bagged and in pain after bedime bath, advil and i fell asleep too early and now i am awake again. waking up wide awake at 2 am somewhat sucks.

i cleaned up the odd pee and poop...really jazzy?..were you actually eating someone's poop in your bed? that is highly unattractive. good luck getting a home with a gross midnight habit like that! once her bed by the fire was fresh and clean, she went happily back off to bed and she is sleeping again.
weird little dog.

ok...not so weird...this is actually normal behavior for a dog.

i believe that animals lose their homes (and maybe never find new ones) because we as humans fail to accept that animals are not little make overs of us. animals suffer so many problems because we humans are totally blind to the lines that are natural and indeliby drawn between being human or being a totally diffferent species.

animals are not our children, they are not our toys. they are not little robots to be programed to behave and react, to live and breathe, to think and feel the way we determine they should be.
such disrespect to other uniquely different species.

for gods sake...who in their right mind keeps fish, snakes, turtles or a lizards for a pet? they have not evolved into human companions. and they do not want to live in cages or aquariums. yet they are readily available for our purchase in any pet store.

our two little budgies..jack and jill seem pretty damn happy..they have each other, they have a great cage..lots of toys, food, and treats...nothing and no one will ever harm them...but this is not the way they are meant to be. birds are by nature, meant to be free.

now it is not like i can just let them go now. these two birds belong in a jungle not the cold north and born and bred into captivity, means they woudn't know how to survive in their real world anyway.

do we humans understand what captivity means? means they are life long forever captives to humanity.
that has got to suck...pretty sure i wouldn't like being a captive to someone else.

i am not saying that dogs and cats haven't evolved to the point where living and sharing their lives with humans is unnatural. we are symbiotic creatures now..we take and we get and it works well for each..or at least it is supposed to if we knew how to be fair.

living in cooperation does not mean subjugating the weaker species. well ok..maybe to us it does. i think it is supposed to mean, we each bring our strengths and weaknesses to the table and we work together to make it something bigger and better and stronger than just each individual and seperate three.

we don't really understand how partnerships work. we are so busy making sure that we get what we want, that we profit somehow in someway that we forget that the animals we live with are entitled to some of the same.
like..they have a right to a life that is not totally fucked up while we take what we can get. and i don't just mean the cruel or neglectful bastards out there..i also mean the ridiculously accessorised tiny teacup poodles who are coddled and babied into mental messes.

if we want to live with animals, then we better get off our warm and fuzzy fantasy asses and learn about animals and who they REALLY are and what is normal and expected behavior for them.

so jazzy eats poop...lots of dogs eat poop. and do you know why they are by nature hardwired to eat poop?
most of you are saying it is because they are missing something in their diet and this is natures way of supplementing vitamins and minerals for them and this is actually true. but it is also because for thousands of years of evolution...canines survived..they actually thrived and stayed alive by scavaging poop. wild dogs, coyotes and wolves still do it cuz they don't always have access to regular food. they also ate poop to keep their homes and teritories clean and disease free..and it had the added benefit of not leading hunters to their homes and babies.
jazzy's bad habit is a still viable and an inheritent genetic connection to her ancestors that won't just disappear because i would like it has far too many real survival benefits to her species.

we might like to wipe out millions of years of evolution with one mighty sweep of our training leash but it ain't going to least not in a way that we think. which do we think is stronger in jazzy...her desire to please me or her natural born instinct? why would i mess with her mind making her feel the conflict over something so insignificant and harmless to her as feces??

wow...sleeping would have prevented a great big long post about the realities of poop eating jazzy.



I was thrilled when my wife Catherine informed me that she heard Mya drinking out of the toilet bowl. To me that showed ingenuity.....kind of proud of her for taking care of business without having to go down the stairs to her regular water dish.

To me Mya taking a drink from the toilet is a sign of a very smart dog, which she is....and besides we keep our toilet pretty clean.

We no longer have a cat but I am sure Mya would have a hankering for some catbox "almond rocca", after all, shes just a dog.

If you think about it, eating shit isn't any stranger than flushing it into your water supply??? Now that is gross!!


.that is called Canine Almond Roca...exspecially if you use clay litter..Lol


At last a post about poop eating! My dog does it too. I really try to scoop up before he does it but that's not always possible. It's when he comes in the house and then burps ..... well, you get the picture.


ironic that this is the first post i read this morning, after chasing my dog around a field trying to make her stop eating all the goose poop :( lol