Rescue Journal

still working on settling stuff.

Carol  ·  Jan. 28, 2013

big, big sigh. i saw the lawyer today and he advised me to take the missing signed will opportunity to just walk away from this mess. and as much as i would like to, morally i just can't do that. i have the extra copies of the unsigned will and her wishes were fairly clear.

anyway, i told him to do a registered will search..maybe that will tell us where the signed copy is..if we can't find it then oh well...i have done what i can. and really to me the important things are..getting her personal photos and such returned to her family. getting the house emptied and cleaned and returned to the landlord, following her final wishes as far as her body goes, and settling a couple of important personal debts that i know she would like taken care of. the rest doesn't really matter that much.

the good news is we caught whiggy...big thx to shalegh and her very quick reflexes! the whig-ster is safe in a pen in the medical room, set up next to jet. so all three animals are now safe in our care and i can quit freaking out about that.

huge thx to maggie, helga, shalegh and kathy k for not only your very great help today but your support while i try to fumble thru this.

so the plan for tomorrow is as follows...
anyone who is available..we are meeting at Rocko's for breakfast at 10 am and then heading back out to the house. Rocko's is on lougheed hwy right in the middle of Mission.

i am really crossing all of my fingers and toes that by tomorrow morning the dump bin will have been delivered!
that alone will make this whole process so much easier!