Rescue Journal

gunless again.

Carol  ·  Jan. 30, 2013

i really didn't think it was a good idea to walk into the police station with a rifle in hand. erin said it was ok and go ahead and do it but she might have been subconsciously trying to knock off her pain in the ass boss.
anyway..since i really did not want to risk an embarassing scene.. i decided to pop in first weaponless and ask what was the best way to handle this.
apparently i was correct in my caution, they told me walking into the station with a gun was fiercely frowned upon. but they helpfully sent an officer out to the house to pick up the gun for us. it was a very old european 22 single action rifle from around the 1930's. the officer was very nice and educational and said to call them again if we found any more.

i am glad i got rid of it early the time i had visited both banks and discovered no happily and conveniently waiting safety deposit will box, i was feeling kind of depressed.

i was just talking to jenn on the phone and telling her the gun story...i do believe my daughter was actually laughing at the thought of her mother possibly being taken down by police tasers....bad jenn.

big thx to maggie for all of her help and hauling shit off to the thrift store and food bank today!

i will be leaving saints for the house tomorrow at 9 am.
(hey curt... we are not ready yet...maybe on friday, tomorrow the junk removers are coming in so the computer will be inaccessible.)



Carol, what's the plan for tomorrow? I dropped the food off at the shelter today (it's part of the food bank building)and the boys helped me unload the van.
Do you still need me for transporting the indoor table and picnic table and chairs etc.?


Hi Carol - Wiggy was very happy to be back at Saints - she was purring, her tail was flying high, and she was exploring her cage. I left her medication with Dionne - the vet already gave her 1/4 pill so she should be good for now.

Mo, I now have 15 or more moose (mooses?) for you! Will bring them to Saints on Sunday.


That gun may be worth a little money, as it is antique. Check with a gun collector... Money to go towards estate..


hahaha i specifically said NOT in your actual hand, but you would think a person could drop off a firearm at a police station...i would never have guessed theyd personally come pick it up. learn somethin new every day i guess.