Rescue Journal

it has been a not fun 24 hours...

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2013

sorry for not posting my internet was down.

i didn't get home from the house last night til almost of the 2nd hand shop owners came to look around..oh yay the estate made a hundred bucks, not worth my time to stay there so late.
when i got home, hubby was in respiratory distress. i phoned our vets on call number but didn't get an answer back for a bit. i was just loading him into the car to take to emergency when she called back. thank you god she was was able to meet us at the clinic.
hubby's chest was full of fluid..not sure if it was cardiac or lung cancer. the vet gave him some IV lasix, gave him some oxygen and sent us home with some sc lasix and i was to take him in to emerg. for more intensive care if he got worse. if we managed ok overnight, i was to have him back in the clinic this morning for chest xrays and bloodwork.

i was pretty teary this morning...deanna's death, deanna's house, deanna's missing will, deanna's not eating cat and deanna's now really sick dog. nothing was going the way i needed it to go and i just couldn't lose hubby on top of it all.
anyway, the good news is..he is in congestive heart least we have the option to try treatment and hopefully getting him feeling better again.
whiggy also went into the vets, thank god she was not dehydrated!..she has some appetite stimulents so hopefully she will be eating again soon.

so ok..both animals are being taken care of..they have had such a hard time of it this past crappy week.

helga, penny, and jamie came and helped LOTS at the house again today. they all left before the junk truck got there..they were 2 hours late. but they had not even dumped out one room yet and the truck was only 1/4 full when they appeared before me with with a laminated price sheet and said if i wanted them to do any more and fill the truck, it would be $1750.00. i boss quoted me $600 for a full truck load..they said oh that was for a smaller truck. we brought the big truck.

that was it, i started crying..god damn fucking people screwing me to the wall! the end they finished emptying the main floor of the house for the original $600 but they wouldn't touch the basment stuff.

i just got home tonight, settled the mp building, checked on whiggy, gave her some more baby food. i came in and checked in with hubby, he seems a bit better so that is good. i called shaw and stood at the phone for 30 minutes til someone was free to help me get back on line..(my cell phone is dead.)

i couldn't pick up that little dog from animal control today cuz i ran out of time. thank god again that penny picked up whiggy for me from the vet!

once those rip off junk artists were gone and the house was quiet and clear, i had a good cry. tomorrow i will move all of the stuff that is coming to saints until i can track down deanna's family. it will be several van fulls. then i will move what i can out of the basement and toss it in the bin until that bin is full. and then i am done there..whatever is left is left there. i cannot afford to get the junk guys back..they said they would give me a screaming deal on the basement stuff for another $800.00.

i think i will pass.

i will tell you how exhausted and tired i of the guys came towards me holding an ax..i felt such a rush of utter fear..i really thought he was going to kill me. what is wrong with me?..i am not normally afraid like that.

i have got to get this stuff over and done with, i am starting to weird out and fall apart from the stress.

a couple of more days carol...just a couple of more days, then life can be normal again.

i really do want to thank you guys for all of your help. i can see now that there was no way on god's green earth that i could have gotten thru this without you all.

i will be going to the house tomorrow at 0930.

curt..i had all of the computer stuff tossed, i don't think there was any point in goofing around with it, it was all pretty old.


shelagh f

Sounds like it may be over by the weekend but I am
coming with food Saturday morning. Will see if help
needed on the weekend. I also have a van but am
working tomorrow. Please don't anyone hurt them
selves being so tired and just wanting to get it



I am driving in from Surrey - I plan on being on time but can you give me a 5 minute leeway?


Is the computer gone gone. I wanted to pull the hard drive which is not good to leave in a computer for disposal (you never know what information is on there documents etc...)


I felt bad leaving you at the house, Carol. I had a horrible feeling the junk guys were going to screw you around. The fact they were two hours late wasn't a good sign. They probably thought they could intimidate you. So sorry. I did call Animal Control, by the way, and let them know you'd pick Nicky up tomorrow. Have a good hot bath, with a Bailey's in hand. No wonder you're exhausted, I just don't know how you keep up the pace.


If you post when you are going down I'll come and get all the yard sale boxes and squish them in here somewhere. And if someone can drop the shelf unit here I'll use it for putting sale stuff on for now.


i think around 0930 am maggie.i will post it at the bottom of the last post too for those who don't read the comments.

Barb H

This has been a lesson for all of us on the types of things you need to take care of before you pass, so as not to, unintentionly, leave your unsuspecting executor in the lurch.


Carol what time are you going up to the house? I can meet you there and start making trips back to Saints with a full van with whatever until it is done.