Rescue Journal

i woke up wide awake and starving.

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2013

that pretty much sucks.

on my next set of holidays i am going to get my own final affairs in complete and easily accessible order and do a major purge around here. jenn has very cheerfully suggested i make ann my executor. good thing ann is on holidays and not reading this or she might not come back!

i will tell you something tho that has been a real positive for me during the past week.... getting to work in closer proximity with the saints folks..for me that is actually a bit of a luxury. i bet you think that sounds weird but it is the reality. i am usually on my own, whipping in and out, here and there, doing my own thing. they are usually in whatever area they are working in and we just cross paths momentarily while we are all working seperately.

anyway..i just want to say that it really has a been a great pleasure to work side by side and spend a bit more time with you. sorry that because of me, you are once again working your asses off tho. might be more relaxing if we could just sit down and yak over a nice pot of tea!

this has to be the oddest thing about rescue ( or maybe it is just me?) but just like my friendship with is so much about the animals and so little about us personally. i have known deanna for 15 years and i had no idea she liked moose or that she used to really like sewing. those are two pretty basic and simple things...why didn't i know?

i actually know the answer to that...i never took the time to know.

i guess i should try to go back to sleep for a bit..i had a bowl of cereal while i was blabbing here so i am no longer hungry.


Janice ter Borg

That is so wonderful of Faith to think of SAINTS. So sorry that you lost your mother.


that is great news bunny..and big thanks to faith for helping us care for the crippled crew!

Bunny Horne

Today I had the honor to meet one of our 1000 Saints, Faith. Sadly Faith recently lost her mom and is donating a lot of household and personal effects to Saints Rescue - specifically to Helga's yard sale fund raisers. Brent and I picked up two SUV loads today. Faith has also donated some items specifically for the Saints animals, medical supplies etc. Faith, a devoted reader of Carol's blog, bought a special gift of bath products for Carol. So on Sunday, the gift bag in your bathroom is from Faith. She donated so many items I didn't know how to thank her so I gave her a full set of the collector cards, most of the animals she met on her tour. Thank you, Faith.

Brenda McCormick

Ditto Bunny - I wish I didn't have to be working all week in North Van - I would really like to have been of some help Carol. So grateful to others who were able to be there for you.


My thoughts really count very little but I have to say it. Reading your recent blog entries is heart breaking. I feel badly that we live so far away and can't be of assistance. I am sick that you were put in a position that you had to do all this. You had so much on your own plate to start. You work 2 jobs - and sounds like you took time off of one to put your friend's estate to rest. I assume this means you also lost income. Your own health is on the forefront these days and this additional stress you surely didn't need. I don't know how you do it day after day. I have my estate finely tuned - I am obsessed about it because I do not wish some poor soul to have to deal with a nightmare. I am so sorry Carol - you didn't need this.