Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2013

i think we are pretty much done at the house..i might go back in this weekend and do a couple of things more to wrap everything up but basically it is pretty much done. while i hauled things back and forth to saints, maggie, helga and sheila finished filling the bin with a good chunk of the basement (more huge thanks!!!) we simply are not going to be able to haul all of it out..can't afford another bin. the full one will be picked up in the next couple of will be good to see it all gone.

anyway..i have the basics taken care of..i can either procede to the next steps if the lawyer does find a registered will. if not?..well, it is all tidy enough to turn the rest of the have to do stuff over to the public trustee to follow thru.

new dog in...nicki is a very sweet 13 yr old maltese. tiny little thing, not too much bigger than mini me.
squeaky goes home with johanna tomorrow.
benji-max goes home with brenda on sunday...super yay for both of these very great little dogs!

whiggy is finally eating kibble on her own.
hubby is a bit of an issue..he is a little bit too happy. this is a side effect of the has a secondary euphoric effect. hard to keep the little guy down and resting when he is obsessed with courting tina...she is not too keen on the "i feel good" prince of humpalot...she liked him better as a cardiac cripple.

we are pretty sure that jesse bit june in the ear. i am thinking of with holding his pain meds so he can't move to get her. not really... but i bet it would work..he is such a bully/jerk.

i didn't unload the last of the stuff from my car and the van tonight cuz i brought nicki home and wanted to stay with her while she acclimatized to the bed buddy herd. i will start hauling it out tomorrow..looks like saints has good volunteer coverage for saturday anyway so it should be a good day to get it all out and stacked somewhere.

ripples in the pond tho cuz now that shop is again overflowing..when i have my next set of holidays..that is where i will be beginning the next giant purge. i am tempted to bring in a bin for us and go to town filling that sucker up! i swear i am going to get rid of every single unnecessary item here that i can possibly turf! i believe i have a week off at the beginning of march...apparently if the house was any indication..a week for here should be almost enough.

i think that is all of the news for now..back to reassuring nicki.



Another big change for little Squeaky- please let us know how she does in her new home.


Yeah, I finally caved in - Benji-Max has been in my head and heart for awhile now - and then when I unknowingly brought his collar home with me last week I knew it was fate. My roommate (and best friend) just retired this year, so she will be home all the time now, so that clinched it, since I work so much.

Carol Ann

Yay Brenda so happy you are taking Benji-Max home. Keep us updated about him. He is such a doll.


Heading over with my mum in the morning Carol. Hopefully we make it by 11 so that she can have a tour.