Rescue Journal

honestly..i just don't get it...

Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2013

why the hell does sleeping hurt?
it is not like you are doing anything strenuous....
you are just laying there doing nothing so why does it freaking hurt????

and that is about as deep as this brain is thinking today.

who haven't i talked about lately? who has been lost into the blogging background with all of the recent problem ones?
ahh..buddy...brown buddy...most loyal and sweet and kind dog in the whole world who loves me a lot!

buddy is not dying like halo, sick like hubby, he is not super cute like fletch (ok..he IS almost as cute!) and he is not like odie or booboo, a royal pain in the ass.

buddy is a kind hearted, well behaved gentleman who is getting just a tiny bit fat. his back problems and jaw issues seem to be things of the past. he is 15 or 16 yrs old now, runs around chasing the other dogs in fun and giving shit occasionally to crash. he sleeps like a log at night on the softest beds and never makes me get up at night because he wants or needs something. he goes out the doggy door to pee and poop and the highlite of every day are the moments that he can lay his head in my hands.

he is the perfect dog in every single way. and that is why i rarely talk about him here because he is so perfectly great.

but just because i don't talk about him, doesn't mean he isn't a huge part of saints life. everyone adores him here...every single person who knows buddy, loves this wonderful dog.

anyway...don't want him to think he is forgotten because he isn't a problem dog.
love you are a very good dog and i want to thank you for that!

if anyone wants any updates on the non problem furry folks around here..please feel free to just ask. i bet they would like that!



Ah.. fourlane & Jewel.. a couple sweethearts I haven't thought about in such a long time.. Jewel who used to hang on the edge of the pond & let her back end sway in the water.. german sherpard face.. Lol.. basset body.. miss you doll face.. and fourlane .. Mr grouchy pants.. I can still hear Lynn when he 1st arrived calling out the window to me " Hey Mo is fourplay allowed to come out.. I am thinking forplay, we have a dog named forplay...??


YAY! Brenda and Max so happy for both of you. Will miss him in the MP room for sure. Such a wonderful dog.


last i heard of sherlock, he was doing great laura. and curt..brenda is re-naming max mac so lynne is correct in calling him that.


Yup, meg is right.
Also along the top is Bill, Annie, Rainbow and Swinger (or it might be Spritely), then if you roll over each of those squares it changes to: Lexie, Pippa, Pops and Jazz.


On the homepage, I think that's Jewel in the background, with Fourlane in front?


Lynne, I think you meant Max, Mac is the big M-Fing cat in the back rooms at the house


On the home page of the Saints website, is that Larry? I think that is Daphne, I know it is Al & Jelly, not sure who else is in the back ground tho


Thanks for the update Nicole.... give Harvey a kiss for me...he was a favorite of mine before he lucked out finding your fabulous animal home.....and yes pictures are a must!


erin, i take back what i said at the pub yesterday. you were right lol. and i am so glad that mac is fitting in so good. i knew you would make him feel welcome brenda.


Harvey is not well and I will be euthanizing him sometime this week. He has been ill for almost 6 weeks and we have finally figured out that somehow he has developed FIP, the final test comes back tomorrow.
Shrek has been somewhat ill for 5 months but after lengthy testing we have figured out that he has atypical cushings and we will hopefully be getting him sorted out soon.
Taz somehow is still alive and kicking, she can walk but its very awkward looking and has to have her daily dose of steroids for that to be possible.
Momo's heart disease hasn't progressed, but I don't think anyone at SAINTS met him as he came straight from the SPCA hospital to my place. He is a ridiculous cat.
Nigel is doing amazingly. His second surgery went so well, he doesn't limp at all. His blood is universal so he is a blood donor at the emerg clinic.
Sandy who lives at my parents has cutaneous lymphoma but she has responded well to steroids as is doing well so far.
Gitzy, Buttons and George aren't from SAINTS but they're my other cats and they're all doing great. I'm really worried about Buttons when Harvey passes as they are BFFs and Buttons is blind so Harvey often acts as his eyes.
That's is the very long and overdue update from my crew.
I'm going to try to add a couple of photos of them but I don't know if I can in the comments.


I found my old horse today on Hayburner Havens website.Tara told me she was found/abandoned at the back of a drug dealing house in 3ft of mud :( I told her I really hope she finds a good home! I might even get to go out this week and say a final good bye to her.


One I thought about recently that was adopted is Sherlock...have you heard how he is doing....also Nicole when I saw your name it reminds me to ask.. how is Harvey and the rest of your crew doing?


hilda is very happy to be back home..i won't send her out again. that was a great home i sent her to but hilda wanted to be here instead. she is right back to being miss cheerful bossy boots and assaulting me every chance that she gets.
whatever, if she wants to spend the rest of her life in this wacky place with me..she can.


dionne said she thought he had started leaking..i was kind of hoping he was just getting wet from the other max's leaks.
it was bound to happen at some point, he is so freaking old but just in case...get your vet to check him for a bladder infection when he sees him next week.

so happy he is settling in well..he is such a great little guy...and now he has a great home...YAY!

Brenda Mc

Well Max is home and fitting in just fine. Truffles, my 5 yr. old Cocker is trying to give him kisses all the time (she's a lovey), and Tinker, my 4 yr. old cocker is taking a bit longer to warm up to him, but is fine, just watching for now. I think we are going to call him Mac or Mackie, rather than Max. Anyway, he's had a bath, and has wandered all around the backyard and inside the house with his tail continually wagging. He has tried out all the dogbeds - there are plenty in this house, and has just had his supper, and is contentedly lying in one of the beds now. Oh, and he loves being in the car - just fell asleep on the way back to Hope, until I stopped to pick up pizza - boy did his head come up then when he smelled the pizza - and we shared a piece. Carol, he does "leak" a bit, without knowing it, but we'll deal with it - we need to get rid of some carpeting in this house and replace it with laminate at some point anyway. Just wanted to let everyone know that he's now part of our family, and we love him. He's a doll.


That wonderful dog is Cole.
I found his old page on the server:
He passed away in 2010


How is Hilda after the trial adoption? It sounded like she knew SAINTS was her home after all and she wasn't about to leave. It must be like that with a lot of the animals, after having such a tough life and then ending up at a warm loving place like SAINTS, with 24 hour care and all the food they can eat. It's so heartwarming to read about the ones like Hilda and Brown Buddy who obviously love it there.


Could someone tell me who the beautiful white and cream doggy is at the top of this blog? I have always wondered, and keep forgetting to ask. :)