Rescue Journal

lost and found

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2013

nothing like rejoining the world of "i know what i am doing" was good to get back to just work and saints today!
i can really only fake it so far...the intricasies, complexities and legal gobbledeegoop of settling messed up estates is a whole other unchartered universe for someone like me. i am back to hoping the will was not registered so i can stop right where i am.
i should get a definitive answer from the lawyer within a week or so. i think on my lunch break tomorrow, in preparation of an unsuccessful signed will search..i will start scouting out public trustees. part of me thinks the sooner i can get all of this off my plate, the better for me.


i don't regret what i have done thus far. i think it was important to clear out the house, gather deanna's family and few personal things. i think it was important to discover the death of her son and grandson, and also discover a small unknown to her boy, who is her great grandchild. i can pass on deanna's things and the info i found about her family to the public trustee. that way once the estate is settled, if there is anything left, it can go to this young boy who has lost his father. i think deanna would like that.

life is a journey..we never know where it will lead. i don't know why there was a 30 or 40 year rift between deanna and her family, she never told me. and honestly at this moment in time, it is too late to matter anyway. if there is a life after death, the three of them are together again. there is just that small boy left to find his way on his own path in life now. hopefully there will be something in deanna's estate that will help him navigate his road well.

i just need to know what step i take the public trustee or as the legal executor..either way the job will get done. and really?... i don't mind finishing it if it does fall back to me. there are parts of this whole process that have touched me deeply.

(except for those bastard ax toting rubbish ripoff folks..i could have easily skipped that part!)



oh freaking glad i got that note (listing every dollar that deanna supposedly owes to someone over the past 10 yrs...and it too is unsigned... what is with people not signing shit???!)..anyway...thx not so much michelle and dionne!

what a freaking headache this whole thing is.


You have done a very good work Carol. You constantly amaze me with your humanity.


i didn't see it tonight..i will ask dionne if she found it and put it somewhere...not to worry it will show up.


Hi Carol, there was a note tucked in the door of the mp room when I went in last night. So sorry that I forgot to tell you I put it on the counter where the dogs get fed . I hope I didn't s few anything up, I just remembered now.