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what is the point in going to bed early

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2013

if june is just going to start barking outside and make me get up to call her in and lock the dog room in for the night????
i was sleeping for gawds sake! now i am wide awake and pissed right off.
and now no one is going to be able to go out to pee which is going to make for a totally gross morning.
she is such an inconsiderate and selfish moron.
i swear to god her brain is the size of a pea.
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(((hug))) for Barbara...that is a tough spot to be in..hope everything works out.

Barbara DeMott

Thanks Carol I read about the ataxia and the seizures, got the meds but have been afraid to start them with her. She is in the stage of a beautiful, old, reasonably with it front end and a very weak and unresponsive back end, she is totally without any understanding of her situation: as she still wants to do everything.... so great spirit


To add, some forms of human gabapentin have xylitol as an ingredient which is toxic to dogs.
And if stopped abruptly can cause seizures, its supposed to be tapered off to avoid them.
Ataxia is a side effect but if the dose is started out small and then gradually increased its not supposed to be as bad and is supposed to not be as bad after a few days but I can't comment that ice seen that first hand as Harvey was ataxic and not able to walk before I started him on it so I wouldn't have seen any difference.


that is fine shawn..thx!

hi far as i know gabapentin is gabapentin...animal doses would be much smaller than human..but the drug should be the same.

i personally don't use gabapentin (but most vets use it as they are familiar with the different uses and effects that it has in vet medicine.) for us is more expensive, more finicky in the dosing and more sedating than amitriptyline which we use instead. for the dogs who can't use NSAIDS or the NSAIDS alone are not enough to address pain..we use amitriptyline in conjunction with tramadol with or without the NSAIDS.

amitriptyline is an anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and an anti-neuropathic pain my experience...all three uses are hepful with dogs who suffer from chronic arthritic pain.

my familiarity with gabapentin is based in human medicine as we use it quite frequently with our palliatve patients for various reasons. i find the dose adjustments needed to obtain effectiveness can be a pain as the doses sometimes have to keep increasing til our human patients are taking really high doses which means they are taking a lot more pills several times every day...they too find it a pain. amitriptyline is an older less modern drug but it is relatively cheap, relatively effective and relatively safe.


Hi Carol. Can I drop off the laundry I took home on Saturday tomorrow or Thursday around 4? It's the MP room stuff. Thanks a bunch

Barbara DeMott

Hi Carol,
On another note. Any comments about gabapentin for pain for arthritis?
the vet prescribed it for Molly as she can't take NSAIDs. Have you had any seizure issues or ataxia with its use? Is it true that the human form is toxic to pets.
Thanks, Barbara


I know very little about wills and/or legal matters (so this might be a dumb suggestion) but is there any possibility Deanna could have registered her will under the name of her animal rescue organization?


tried yesterday to go back to the notarys and they had no record of deanna. it will be a big mess for you to do it yourself have to go to a lawyers and everything. you have taken care of the brunt of it and she really had no money, except what is coming from evelys will i cannot see you having the time for everything you have to do. evelyns was so straightforward and it has been a year already and still not finished. sorry i could not be of more help.


She has such a sweet face! You can't stay mad at her for very long and she knows it. Could you please update how Al and Gideon are doing.