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Carol  ·  Feb. 6, 2013

well i can't put it off any longer...i am going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new bed. 2 or 3 yrs is about all they last me. i try to make them last longer with covering the mattress with rubber mattress protectors..but they always seem to go missing, tossed into the laundry and never seen again.
because i have such a bad back plus the fibromyalgia..i have to buy really good quality sets...replacing them every couple of years is such a big expense.

oh is what it is and i have hated that kingsized set ever since i bought it..i will downgrade to a queen this time around and see if i like it better. it will be easier to wash the bedding every day anyway if it is smaller.

there is always a positive side to most things..even frequently having to buy a new bed.

the big dog room was gross tonight...halo had peed bloody puddles galore. i really don't get how she is still feeling so perky, happy and bright considering how much blood she is losing. but who am i to say how she should feel? i thought she would have been ready to pass weeks ago...but halo says no way, she is doing ok.
as always, it is up to need to rush her, she will be ready when she says she is ready.
i wonder if she thinks life is so good because this is the best that she has ever had, even with end stage bladder cancer.
or maybe it is just the really good med combo that she is on...who knows?...i suppose halo knows..i can only guess.

ok..the meds and feedings are done, my bed is stripped and freshly remade, the soiled floor linens are in the washer with really hot water and bleach AND i have already had my hot bath.
bed buddy time...and american idol...yay!



And with Costco you can just return it after two years and get your money back. Just think of it as putting down a deposit and getting it back when you are done with the item.
Don't we just love Costco (dripping sarcasm here).


(costco's lowest price is 339.99 for a queen. this is, of course, not including tax). it's 8 inches in height. the brand and measurements: Restara Queen Mattress 20.3 cm (8 in))


OH! i checked, and it looks like the shipping and handling is included in the price of the mattress. it doesn't say what it would cost if you bought it in the store and brought it home yourself- it could go either way. :-) your bed is something you shouldn't spare expense on, since it holds you and the bed buddies.
you also didn't mention if you needed a spring underneath? i imagine it's just the top mattress you need.


one word: costco.

they sell excellent beds at good prices, and i'm sure you have a friend who have a membership if you don't.

you can even buy them online and have them delivered if you can't bear the trip out (i think, if you need to rent a truck to bring it home, it might be better to put the money towards the delivery cost rather than bother with that). they may not take away the old bed, but you can deliver them to any recycling depot.


But if you get a smaller bed, where are YOU going to sleep? Ur bed buddies will leave you with little room. I can see you sleeping on the edge while they take over lol. That's what happens to me every night.

Brenda Mc

Hi Carol: Just a reminder to please have the vet records for Benji-Max (Mac) sent to my vet by Friday - they haven't received anything yet. thanks a lot