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i don't know how to explain this any clearer to people...

Carol  ·  Feb. 8, 2013

i don't have a signed will for deanna's estate...i cannot access any money, bank accounts or vehicle ownership or icbc stuff or do anything about any financial claims against the estate without the signed will. i do not have the legal authority.
i have fielded countless phone calls, conversations and visits, read the notes of claim shoved into the cracks of my doors..i have spoken to social workers and now MLA's and no i cannot expediate anything cuz i can't magically make a signed will appear.
so unless someone knows where that signed will is and can actually produce it... there is absolutely no point in trying to get blood out of a stone...the law in this is crystal clear.... NO WILL IS VALID UNLESS IT IS SIGNED.

without that signed one is going to ever get anything..(except the governmet cuz the rules do not apply to them but they DO apply to everyone else.)

i swear to god i am going to scream! folks really need to "get" it now stands... i cannot do anything about anything to do with real or imagined assets or debts and driving me crazy is not going to help.

AND it is a damn good thing i got rid of that gun!



she used one of the do it yourself will kits nd i doubt she registered it so i do think this will search is a waste of time and money but...just in case, i hired a lawyer to do one to make sure.
i already checked the banks for safety deposit boxes..there aren't any that i can find.

i find it strange that she had 3 unsigned copies of the will clearly marked and easily accssible in her file cabinate with X's thru the signing parts but no actual signed copy is to be found.

oh well,,it is what it is and it is quickly not remaining my problem for much longer.


I have handled all the Estates at the Bank where I work at for years and have had to deal with this issue a few times. For everyone reading this blog, it is a good reminder to ensure that having a valid will! This link is very helpful for anyone not understanding the law in BC if you pass away "intestate"/without a will. Poor Carol, this must be so frustrating for you. I am sure you have followed up on every lead to locate. As Linda mentioned, the lawyer who drew up the will often keeps the original but I am sure you have already checked with them. Have you checked at every Bank in the area to see if she had a safety deposit box (other than her main Bank)?


I haven't read every blog but have you applied to Vital Statistics for a will search? We used the Probate Guide for BC and that answered a lot of our questions, even if there isn't enough money in the estate to be probated. Often the lawyer keeps the signed copy. Hope all goes well.


to get where you are, Carol, you have done REALLY well. not a lot of people would have stuck it out to where it is now.