Rescue Journal

it was one of those bitter-sweet nights

Carol  ·  Feb. 9, 2013

i let fletch sleep with me for a bit..til he got pissy and snapped at hubby for sneaking/squeezing into fletch's favorite spot up against my chest. back to the big dog room for fletch. his bloodwork is back...his bloodcount is better than it ever has been, no anemia to be seen. his sodium level is still low but higher than it has been. his white count is up so probably a bit of infection/inflammation...most likely GI tract because his stools are loose and he was vomitting. i will pick up some flagyl for him and he should be good to go again.

halo slept in the playpen next to my innocent, cute and sweet but she did pee lots of blood in my room last night so still no miracle or magical cure is happening.

al slept in my bed too last pm..he is starting to lose weight and is starting that just barely sunken frail thing. wow..18 years old and i still can't wrap my head around that this is the beginning of his leaving.

hubby loves me...he adores me..he pretty much worships me. but he loves, adores and worships tina just a tiny bit more than me. it is both sad and cute to watch him try to decide which body he must be closest to...tina or me. it makes him happy when tina decides to lay up close and next to me...then he can be with both of us at the very same time and that makes hubby supremely happy!


he is such a sweet, sweet little dog but he is conflicted in love...poor guy, that's gotta suck.



lol..jenn was just bugging me that morgan is missing...she is here, currently out in the cat run..all is good.
but thx for noticing that she wasn't where she usually is!


Hi Carol--- I wanted to let you know that I didn't see Morgan the cat at all this morning....I know she likes to hide & curl up in different places, but usually I see her....I'm sure she is there somewhere, and was wondering if you could post once you have laid eyes on her? I'm worrying.....