Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 13, 2013

my daughter in law, ang is in ICU due to serious complications following the baby's birth.

i will be gone all day and saints is short-staffed today as erin is off.

i have left a message with the vets and cancelled all of the appointments today. i may need someone to do the diabetics, a couple of other important meds and feed and check on the animals this evening if anyone who is comfortable with insulin injections can help...(the diabetics are already done this will be tonights doses i am worried about)
if you are able to help with this call me on my cell phone and i will give you clear directions on who gets what.

also renee could use some help in the house today too, if some thing goes sideways with any of the animals and they need emergency care, there isn't any back up to cover today.

please send positive thoughts and prayers to ang, eric, annabelle and griffin, ang's mom, dad, family and my family too during this difficult day.


shelagh f

oops, just got back from saints and sent an email Carol and now writing this. So sorry I am working the next
couple of days. If meds need doing on weekend just
post if needed for morning or evening. Busy at work
and didn't read this till now at home.


So sorry to hear about Ang's complications, Carol. My thoughts and prayers are with her, and the whole family.


I can help on Friday later afternoon or with bedtime (i have done it before). Give me a call, my cell number is on the whiteboard in the house.


Erin is doing the diabetics this evening so they are covered for tonight but carol will probably need help for the next few days.


We will all pray that everything is fine..I wish I could help with the diabetics..perhaps it is time I learned. I have no problem giving injections.

We are all standing right behind you Carol & sending positive thoughts & prayers for all of you .


So very sorry to hear this. You will all be included in my prayers. Please keep us updated and I hope all goes well. HUGS