Rescue Journal

thank you.

Carol  ·  Feb. 13, 2013

i am home. ang is still in ICU but stable, off the ventilator, and on the road to recovery. griffin was d/c'd home late this afternoon so at least eric now only has to worry about being in two places at once instead of three.

and i want to say this..never take a single day with your loved ones for can change in an instant and become something unbelievably scary. and please donate blood regularly, 14 people saved ang's life yesterday. i am ashamed to say i stopped donating years ago ..i thought i was too busy...i won't miss donating again.



so good to hear Ang will be o.k. Congrats on your newest Family member!


I am very glad to hear she's stable and baby Griffin is home with Dad. I'm sending positive thoughts your way hoping that she is home safe and sound very soon!


Glad to hear she is doing better. If you need to talk I am but a phone call or an email away. Sure do wish I was there to help.


How frightening. Hope she is up and out of there very soon. Will donate blood in her honor next time around.

Bunny Horne

Thank you for the up date. Thank goodness she is stable. Best wishes to all of you.


i donate every 56 days. most recently, on monday. maybe i had a small part in saving her life...hows that for validation? (cool beans!)