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change of plans...

Carol  ·  Feb. 15, 2013

i am working tomorrow cuz i already told them i would but then i am taking the next week off to help with covering griffin in the hospital and annabelle at return to work was a bit premature...oops sorry family! i saw ethan today after playing "cafe" with annabelle (she is so cute!!) while daddy was at the hospital so that was good. i swear ethan had almost forgotten me..the baby making strange lip came out but then it disappeared and i was ok again..whew!
anyway..i will continue to be distracted and busy for the next bit, so apologies in advance for not being on top of things here.

helga, our brown senior chicken is nearing the end of her road. i have pulled her out of the chicken area and set her up in the rabbit room for now. helga was one of the original saints..she was one of the very first barnyard animals that came 8 years ago. i have no idea how old she is..she was a full adult when she arrived but i think she is pretty ancient. right now she seems comfortable but weak, and she is not eating or drinking.i will keep a close eye on her tonight.

we also moved one of the classy chicks in to the rabbit room too. she has been puffed up and not looking well for a couple of weeks now so i think she needs to hve a closer eye kept on her too. she at least is still eating and drinking and we have set her up with crosby, they seeem to be getting along pretty well.

puff was being a total uncooperative dickhead at the vets so they finally sedated him late in the day to get his shaving done. he will be spending the night and i will try to pick him up on my lunch break tomorrow and get him home. that dog is a royal pain in the butt. the vet just called with an update...he survived the sedation (excuse me if i don't stand up and cheer but i am still a bit pissed at him from flying off the chair last night full speed ahead, snarling and snapping with all of his very large gleaming teeth far too near...) honestly if he truly hurt that freaking bad he should have just stayed in bed instead of flying at me in a rabid cujo act.
anyway.... the vet said between his toes are quite red and sore, so they have shaved it all down and cleaned it up and will send him home with some meds. bet he still doesn't become mr. sunny personality once his feet are feeling good again.
the vet said with his shave down he looks pretty cute, but he did almost get one of the staff today so his cuteness is only skin deep...the rest of him is still an asshole.

better get everyone put to bed early..i am on the early shift at work in the morning and i told eric i would be available to pull a griffin hospital night shift tomorrow night so i better get a good nights sleep tonight. i made up a big pot of soup for the family so no one has to worry about eating this weekend.

big sigh...i so wish my blue foamy was on my bed tho...oh well, one day it will be and that is the least of my worries.
i did finally find a REASONABLY priced memory foamy thing for my bed but it is still in the box in my back seat (it has been there since the beginning of the week..before disaster struck and when i still thought having a baby in this day and age was not an overly dangerous thing.) not sure how to go about the let it sit open and untouched for 48 hours so it can puff up on it's where am i supposed to do that? whatever..i don't have time to shift it around and onto my bed right now anyway. but i do need to get to that soon cuz this morning when i woke up, i was sure i had been run over by a truck in my sleep.


Brenda Mc

What about leaving it inside the 5th wheel (trailer)? Is it occupied?- or sold yet?

shelagh f

I hope there are no daily dressing changes for poor
old Puff. When you said he survived the sedation, I
thought maybe you meant the vet. I think you should
enter that chicken into the Guinnes book of records.
She must be one of the oldest chickens in the world.
I never had a chicken live anywhere near that long.
We do tend to think of childbirth as a pretty routine
thing. As with everything else in medicine, these
things sure make us remember to pay attention to every
detail, and not take things for granted. Glad Angie
is doing better, but she will need help for a while,
for sure.


the entire shop is out..there is a rat in there pissing and pooping on everything...including in front of the TV upstairs in the suite (he is probably waiting for me to put in a movie for him!) my $100 rat repeller is virtually useless except i think it must annoy the rat (unless he is a hearing impaired rat)cuz it sure as hell annoys me.
if that stubborn interloping bastard is going to live in there anyway.... i figure i might as well make it as irritating as possible and get even.
i am sooo freaking petty and mean.
anyway..he is not going to be amusing himself pooping or peeing or chewing on my new foamy!

Brenda Mc

I was going to ask about the suite too? If no one is using the bed, it would be a good place to let it unfurl.