Rescue Journal

griffin (the dog) update

Carol  ·  Feb. 18, 2013

i just talked to the vet at emerg. griffin is holding his own. his bloodsugars were very high last night, he wouldn't eat and he missed his pm dose. he had a few ketones so it was good i got him in before he went into full ketone acidosis. his fructosamine showed that his diabetes has been well controlled up until now tho so that is good news..the high blood sugar is an isolated event relating to his missed dose. his bloodwork also showed he is digesting blood products so he may have a bleeding ulcer up higher in his GI tract. the xrays did not identify any obvious tumors or blockages but there is some mineralization in the maybe he ate something he shouldn't have. no sign of pancreatitis so that is also good news. they are recommending an ultrasound to look for a more diffuse form of cancer that doesn't necessarily present with a mass and they are asking to increase his bloodsugar checks to every 4 hours...this would up his estimated 24 hr care cost to about $2600.00.
he needs this stuff, it is all responsible and needed diagnostics, monitering and treatment so i said ok.

they have asked me to bring over his insulin for him as they do not have the type that he uses. so i will get on that right away. i am hoping this is just an acute and severe attack of gastroenteritis...that would be the best scenario for him.

not sure yet what my shifts are today with my family as far as ang, baby and annabelle go but eric will call soon to let me know once they plan out the the meantime i better move my ass and get griffin's insulin over to emerg.

i miss that little snarly/sweet bastard so i am really hoping he will soon be home and ok.,,plus it would be nice to get him home BEFORE he breaks the bank.



sorry''just saw this. the costco stuff is fine shelagh and thx so much for keeping us in stock with canned food!

shelagh f

I hate Superstore, I'm not sure why, stupidstore, but I will go there
if I need to. I will see what Carol would like me
to buy, and go from there. I can buy the pedigree
for a little bit more. about $24 a case and or the
Kirkland for about $19.50 a case. Or I could combine
the two, I will still go to Costco for the cat food,
Please let me know, should buy more tomorrow.


Shelagh, I believe the cheaper brand of canned food at Costco is Lean Cuts and I don't think they are pop top (at least they didn't use to be).
As for Superstore, what you see on the shelf is what they have, I inquired once about whether or not they had more stock of the Pedigree in the back and was told that they don't have an inventory list and what was on the shelf would be what they had in stock. So unless you wanted to do several trips there a week it wouldn't be worth your time.


Shelagh, SuperStore has canned Pedigree at around $22.50 a case. I buy it there for Sam and Leah.

shelagh f

that's what I meant. Costco isn't carrying the
canned Pedigree and have gone over to the Kirkland
brand. Petsmart has it but they are more expensive,
about $2.00 more a case. When your world settles
down, which actually may never happen, but let me
know Carol, what you would like. Petsmart will have
to order more cases in, which they will do, I just
have to let them know. A case of Pedigree
is about $24 at Petsmart and the Kirkland is about
$19.50. Pedigree used to be about $22.50 at Costco.
Costco does have a cheaper brand of canned dog food,
too, not sure of the quality. Never really looked at
the label.
We usually need about 6 cases a week, so every saving
helps. I could alternate, or do some of each. Don't
think I want to make this decision for you. At least
Deanna's death didn't happen at the same time at this
crisis. Hope everything is getting better each day.

Brenda Mc

Shelagh; Are you talking about the Kirkland brand? It looks more like a stew. The big dogs didn't seem to care - ate it up fine. The little bed buddies were a bit more fussy apparently yesterday, and prefer the Pedigree to the Kirkland cans.- but did eat it with coaxing.

shelagh f

wouldn't have anything to do with the new canned
dog food would it? Do the dogs like it and do the
people like it? Let me know please


Feel better soon Griff and come home to your pals and playpen. Keeping him in my thoughts. Hope you have a good day Carol

Brenda Mc

I'm so sorry Griffin had to be taken into emergency. Poor little guy. Carol, his vomit had no blood in it yesterday when I was there or I would have called you. - and I know he sometimes throws up, so I wasn't that concerned. Hope he is home soon too.