Rescue Journal

puddle ducks

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2013

i think the folks who do best as rescuers are the kind that can puddle jump somewhat with ease. rescue is full of puddles....despairing puddles, worry puddles, funny puddles, loving puddles, and frustrating puddles...the kind that make you seriously want to stick a pencil in your eye just to escape certain things. puddles not only full of some creatures emotional need but also physical puddles of blood, pus, vomit, mucous, hairballs, poop and pee.
you have to be a puddle duck not to sink.

first i told erin to go home yesterday, then i told her not to come back after taking bear into the vet. but erin sucked up her broken heart, slimed her sleeve up with her tears, ignored me and just did her puddle jump job. she continued to take care of the other homeless ones here.

that takes strength...that takes balls.... both of which are critical to rescue..putting the needs of all of the others before taking care of your own.

very few of us can do that and i will tell you why this is so. it is because we believe that we do not fully honor and love the one who just passed if we don't stop the living world.

the reality in rescue is, the other 100 lives here do not pause when someone goes. they still need their meds, clean beds, fresh water and food...they still need to see us smile and laugh, they still require our arms to hold them and love them to tell them they are safe and wanted.

there are days that puddle jumping really sucks, like it did yesterday and probably today and tomorrow for erin. but..for the animals here...our ability to puddle jump doesn't is a very good thing.
it means that come hell or high water, sunshine or terrible storm.... someone will always be here to take care of them.

puddle ducks have hearts that break just like everyone else..however puddle ducks have one thing in their pockets that most people don't...

a helluvalot of bandaides.

good job on sucking it up puddle duck...the animals and i respectfully salute you and we are all so sorry for your loss.



yea he grabbed onto your heart and wouldnt let go forever there for you and forever missed. you are a trooper erin i have bambis collar in my truck on the rear view mirrow. i have had many dogs but she tugged on my heart too and lives in there forever. hey jelly bean, i have some heart waiting for you, be patient not too much longer.


thanks for this carol. bear was a kindred spirit of mine, in canine form. like eli was to you carol ann. a year in my house, forever in my heart. im so glad you let me take him home.