Rescue Journal

hope is a-floating....

Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2013

the vet went over nicki's xrays with me. he tweeked her pain management plan and will see her in one week. she is all set up in a cage in my room so hopefully she can rest and heal.

we also went over snoopy's bloodwork and we will be trying human erthropoietin injections to see if snoopy can stimulate some new blood cell producion. i had to chuckle cuz i dropped off the script for the med at the pharmacy (it has to be special ordered.) anyway the tech called me later wanting to know before she ordered it if i knew that just one syringe would cost almost $160? the vet had already warned me and while it sounds horrifically expensive for just one human dose but is actually 10 snoopy doses so that's not so bad if it works. and really what is a hundred and fifty bucks compared to a life? and its not like we don't already spend thousands of dollars each month trying to give these guys a good quality of what's the big deal?
his pcv is currently at 19..if he drops as low as 14.... he will be totally screwed so this is worth at least a shot (haha, play on words here!) i also just started him on the B vitamin drops, maybe that will help a bit too.
snoopy is also for a recheck in a week so hopefully i can get them both booked in together which will be a bit of a break/bonus in driving for me.

fingers crosssed for both of our new little guys that their current medical plans actually work in the short term. the long term prognosis for both of them really isn't all that good.

oh well one day at a time..i will be happy if they can feel good for a decent amount of time..sometimes that is all you can do.


Brenda Mc

I hope both the little ones are better soon too. Lynn, I sent you an email re switching days with me NEXT week - (I'll work Sat. for you if you can work Sun. for me). Let me know ok?