Rescue Journal

i am going to be honest...

Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2013

i wasn't a happy camper at settling to bed time tonight. there was stuff missed in just about every area...gates left unlocked, animals in the wrong places, floors absolutely flooded with no pee pads put down and now 4 urine soaked dogs for me to bath tonight.

that sucks.

the gates everyone knows why they have to be shut tight and double checked. appropriate pee pads are just as important a safety precaution...they not only keep the mobility compromised dogs drier (and their skin healthier)...they provide some stability and traction so they are less likely to slip in a puddle and fall.
appropriate floor pee pads are large thick towels and large flat sheets folded in half or in quarters.

most of the dogs will at least try to pee on a pee pad if it is available which keeps the rest of the floors safer and drier and this keeps all of the dogs safer and drier.

the best way to know WHERE to place the pee pads is..put clean ones down where you pick wet ones up. chances are that i have placed fresh pee pads on my nightly rounds where they need to be.



I am so sorry I was sick today and didn't make it into the MP room. I really hope Buddy is ok


Penny and I talked last week about the gates in the rabbit area, I picked up 10 clips and they will all be installed tomorrow. Penny was concerned about gates coming un~latched in her area. I'll check all the house gates and fix any that need attention.

Bunny Horne

We are bringing fruit, veggies and treats for the barn guys tomorrow. So sorry you are having a shitty night.


the barn...gideon didn't get any sweet feed for dinner like he is supposed to and it gets forgotten very often, the hay wasn't set up and ready to go so everything took longer and the pigs got really upset. ellie was left out with the horses. she should either be in the barn yards when everyone leaves or on nice days down below...but never left on her own with flicka and dixie...they will bite and kick her....she was waiting in the manure bin, totally pissed off til i could let her safely in, she wouldn't come out with the horses still out.

the mp building..the gate was left open in the rabbit room and crosby and cassie were in with the three rabbits..all of them were very upset...that is too small a space for 3 bunnies, a chicken and a blind turkey.

black buddy fell under puff's gate which wasn't set up properly to begin with and was stuck with the fence on top and couldn't get puff was pissed cuz buddy was half in his room and scaring the shit out of buddy who couldn't move. there were no pee pads on the floor at all...max was gross, pepper was gross, buddy was gross and britney was gross...all of them saturated with urine. black buddy is unable to stand at all tonight so i had to wipe him down with a bucket and towel as best as i could and had to carry him to a bed.... he was trapped under that fence for too long.

the house...the same saturated pee towels from last night were still wedged in under the kitchen dog house and sink and were reeking. the load of laundry in the washer was too much and was still full of mud and dirt and needed to be pulled out and split and run thru again n 2 loads with hot water and bleach to get it clean.
the computer room had no proper pee pads down and was flooded..the dogs walked thru it all and then all of their beds were wet.
i have a lot of extra laundry tonight, finishing off the left overs from today and then having to wash all of the beds again.... plus all of the towels from bathing the dogs. and lets not forget the three times so far that i have stuck my hand in a ball of poop because the linens were not shaken out before they were tossed in the laundry baskets.

it is not a fun is normal for a couple of things to get missed but this was everywhere that i went snowballed into a huge giant mess of upset animals and extra time and work to put everything and everyone right again (except black buddy...he still isn't right.)

shelagh f

canned food delivery tomorrow, cat food will be
a bit low by now, so don't worry, will replenish
all tomorrow AM.